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>From: (Allan Murphy)

>Example: On the Zorak Zoran High Holy day, gangs of trolls go out looking
>for lone Humakti. One troll challenges the unfortunate to one-to-one combat.
>Afterwards, the gang of trolls kill the Humakti ( assuming he is alive ).
>How does this work if the Humakti is allowed to run for it and hide and sneak
>Surely then some Humakti would get away..etc etc.

No pious Humakti would refuse a one to one challenge. As for running away or hiding I think it is a matter of degree. The precise circumstances are very important. Even the most honourable Humakti seek shelter from lightning storms.

e.g. A Humakti Sword is separated from her companions whilst travelling from Pavis to Alone. Due to her high perception skills she spots a large warband of trolls (lets say about 40). Her knowledge of local troll customs and politics leads her to deduce that they are the vanguard of a much larger force probably on their way to to sack Alone. What is the most honourable thing to do? She could probably take out quite a few of them (maybe ten probably more with divine intervention) before dying. Alternatively she could ride for Alone in order to warn the city (she may have to hide until they pass her).

On the other hand, if the trolls were attacking a farmstead the Sword wouldn't hesitate to raise her battlecry.

I believe that Humakti stress controlled force - parrying just as much as attacking. She is not afraid of death but I think the most honourable thing to do is quite clear ... Humakti are not IMHO suicidal. They do not fear death. Nor do they wish to join their god before their appointed time.

As I said it is a matter of degree. It is up to the individual to decide the most honourable course of action. Even Storm Bulls are allowed to run from chaos if they subsequently return with greater force to face it (from CoP).


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