Re: HELP!!!!!

Date: Thu 13 May 1993 - 14:53:30 EEST

 Sometimes I just HATE these bloody machines!!!! Over the last week I reckon that I've lost (missed) about 5 parts of the digest. Doesn't the machine realise how serious this is? I only come into Uni to check my e-mail (and to attend the coincidental lecture).

 Has anyone else had problems recently with receiving stuff - I know there are people who aren't because they're replying to submissions I've made but haven't seen included e.g the 'eggs' spell.

 If someone has got the 'full set' from the last week or so, could they possibly send me them (I don't mind duplicates).

 Having said all that, this message probably won't get through either (sigh).

 Headbutting the VDU


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