exceptions proving rules?

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Date: Fri 14 May 1993 - 03:25:06 EEST

>> From: T.S.Baguley@open.ac.uk (Thom Baguley)
>> Subject: Poets and Swords
>> Date: 13 May 93 04:31:20 GMT
>> Rob Smith wrote:
>> >I know this is not a modern culture,
>> >but do we imagine Socrates, Homer, Thomas Aquinas, Shakespear and others
>> >out practicing their primary weapon skills as a "basic skill"? The martial
>> OK it may be a little extreme, but actually many artists and poets were good
>> swordsmen. I don't know about Shakespeare, but the theatre was a rough place
>> ... I'm sure he would have know how to crack a few skulls. John Donne, Ben
>> Jonson (who killed at least two men in fights), Christopher Marlowe (possible
>> ...

They all bought OPTIONAL skills.

Sure there were some who couldn't hurt anyone. Sure there were some who could, and could quite well, in fact. The point is they shouldn't all be one way or the other. That's where OPTIONAL (note that doesn't say FORBIDDEN) skills come in.

"many" is not the same thing as "all". One of my main objections to the RQ3 character generation system was that everyone came out the same. (A 20 yr. old farmer == any other 20 yr. old farmer,...). There were no optional skills to make characters individuals. That's been fixed, except for the everyone's a swordsman _problem_.

>> These are just off the top of my head. In a dangerous world like Glorantha
>> almost everone will pick up a few combat skills.

I disagree. Why would some fat old Official in Glamour, one of the cushiest places on glorantha, have a 60% attack? Sure he could, but why does he have to?

There aren't enough non-combat skills on the current list, to eat up the points, nor to make non-combat players anything useful/interesting. That's something that needs to be addressed. Come on, a skill called "Human Lore" what doesn't that cover? And yet, we differentiate weapon skillss by fairly narrow types?

Why not resurrect an idea from Ringworld: Root skills, with specializations after that. That was one of the single greatest steps forward that the RQ/BRP _system_ ever took (note, I said "forward", and I said "system" NOT "game" or background). I'd love to see that put into RQ4. It would make this next step forward even bigger.

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