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Date: Thu 13 May 1993 - 22:46:12 EEST

Some comments on the last week's worth of Digests:

Humakt Vs. Yanafal Tarnils

It strikes me that Duke Tarnils, a renegade that turned against his people and his god may well have been struck by the curse of Humakt, which, shattering any normal sword he tried to use, could have been the reason he started using scimitar and sickle instead. However, I seriously doubt that would be a limitation that would affect a member of the current cult, be he or she resurrected or not. After all, members of the cult worship Yanafal Tarnils, not Humakt.

Thus, the current cult would probably use scimitar and sickle as Duke Tarnils did, but I doubt they would be limited in their use of straight swords - I'm sure they happily use shortswords, knives, daggers, greatswords, rapiers, main gauches, etc. as well. After all, the followers of a number of other gods, including Orlanth, use straight swords and can be resurrected without trouble from Humakt. Of course, you could always argue that in Orlanth's case this has more to do with Humakt's reluctance to get too close to Orlanth - who probably not only lifted the Thunderbolt and Death from Humakt last time he got near him, but also his purse and free will...

As for the Oath of a Yanafal Tarnils worshipper - rather than using an elaborate oathbreaking ritual, I suspect that the other method described - that is, ressurection even after having been struck down by the power of the Oath would probably make more sense, particularly given the nature of Yanafal Tarnils' victory over Humakt and the balanced Life and Death aspects of Lunar religion.

Humakt the Foreigner

Well, of course Humct is a foreign god from the West. The reason he is so well integrated into Orlanthi worship is that Worlanth is also a foreign god from the West <g>.

Those Naughty Geasa

For what it's worth, I've always felt these to be the province of cults that were associated with Truth, particularly those cults that emphasize honor and/or obedience.

The Fading Humakti

Actually, there's a very nice example in King of Sartar as to how a Humakti might act in a situation that retreat was called for. It describes a battle lost to chaos in which Humakt and his followers fight a rear guard action to let the other escape. Humakt's orderly retreat, which cost him parts of his being and memory, allows the other gods time (so to speak) to escape. Fleeing in panic strikes me as rather unHumakti, but an orderly retreat based on a reasonable assessment of the situation seems well within the bounds of the behavior expected from a cult member.

RQ Font


You can get to Shannon's ftp site if you have ftp access on your home computer. The commands you'd use would look something like this:

ftp ""
Then login as "anonymous", with your email address as the password. You change directories by issuing a cd command. Your sysop could probably help you with details.

If this doesn't work for you, I could email the font in a binhexed or uuencoded format - in case you're not familiar with these, they are formats that let you turn a binary file (Mac .sit or IBM .zip in this case) into a string of ASCII characters for transmission by email. You'd need a utility, such as Stuffit on a Mac to turn it back into a binary file. You'd have to let me know what sort of format you'd need.


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