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Burton Chodinski on RQ4
What draft do you refer to? My ersion is draft 2.0 (thanks again, Argant), yours seems to be different. Else I haven't noticed the reusability of 1-point Runespells for high initiates...

David Empey on Geases (sic)
Well, another one for the hatchet, wasn't it? (BTW, I don't see how water fowl get into the pronounciation, except as below :-)

Robert Smith (cited by Carl Fink)
Armour for archers

Apart from any armour being uncomfortable and heavy, I wouldn't bother about the left (bow) arm. Even today's ahobby archers (like me) use some protection there, if only against own clumsiness. The right (string) arm has to move a lot, agreed. Most important is free shoulder movement, though.

Orlanthi Geasa:

Tim Leask writes:
> i) Orlanthi believe strongly in the idea of personal freedom [...] Geases
> are a direct attack in this freedom.

I disagree. A geas freely taken is a very individualistic affair - it makes you stand out of the crowd, it makes you refuse authorities... The historical (or mythical) Celts had the custom of taking geasa, and King Sartar did as well: KoS mentions that he never ate fowl after the founding of Duck Point.
Humakti take geasa all the time, and some see them as perfect examples for behavior in Orlanthi culture (if not religion).

> ii) It would make them seem to have something in common with the
> Yelmalions.

or vice versa (the unsolved Elmal question). BTW Humakt and Babeester gore (sic) take geasa, too.

> iii) Orlanthi aren't into rules and regulations [...]

and never to eat pork, not even when offered by a tribal king, is _not_ breaking rules?

I agree that Orlanth initiates ought to choose thei geasa. Make each a subcult?

Breaking a geas:
incurs something as heavy, but not as mechanistic, as does breaking a (Humakti Runespell) Oath, or hav its own (passion) spirit of retribution. Vikings had the benign possession (Gods without Godar). Maybe taking a gift/geas can be treated like voluntary covert possession?

Boris Mikey on the same line:
Just because a deity is restricted to 4 runes in GoG doesn't mean that Orlanth does not put _some_ weight on truth, does it?

Brandon Brylawski on this:
> [...] he (Orlanth) is the god of Change [...]

Sartar is an aspect of Mobility/Change (or vice versa, and he does take a geas (and in connection with water fowl :-)

Boris Mikey on Humakts ties to Orlanth: The old KoS problem. Try my illuminated/GL explanation: Orlanth had an older brother (let's call him Humakt) who wielded the first sword, and who got it back after the slaying of Yelm (who earned his death rune that way...).
In the west, a sword entitiy (let's call him Humct) dealt in death. Later, Arkat Humctson entered the cult of Humakt, polluted it with western ways, and severed Humakt from his family.

(In KoS there is a description of Humakt's duel with Wakboth, Humakt being cut (torn?) in half.)

Nick Brooke on Paul Reilly's magic laws: The artist mage concept is one I love, too. Suggested fiction: Jonathan Wylie's "Dream Weaver", or Diana Paxson's Thieves World painter Lalo. (You could make some hero skills out of this using the Ki system from Ninja, as was suggested before.)

On the side:
If sorcery undergoes a major rewrite in RQ4, lease please put less emphasis on single spells and mor on "lores" and "techniques" (Yes, I like the ars magica approach to magic).
techniques as in "form/set", "animate", "projection", "create" (maybe blasphemous against the compromise, but look at phantom and illusion); add in manipulation skills
duration (short term, make long term duration (or range) ritual magic, don't implement POW sacrifice for temporal effects unless it is regained reasonably fast)
multispell (the German translation has this skill save magic points, you only pay for the strongest spell plus one point per extra spell. IMO too powerful, but applying some restrictions at least worth discussion) and communal magic (as ritual magic, imagine a magus summoning his students, apprentices and former apprentices to perform some real powerful magic, also remember battle spells form Dragon Pass) maybe invent some more manipulation skills; use the "lore" scores either as modifiers (how good is the magician tuned to the <substance>, <species>, <sense> he's applying the magic to) or have the sorcerer make extra lore tests. Ifa necsary, identify the runes with some of the lores. Maybe have sorcerers learn techniques for free INT and let them tune to a lore by means of a tuning enchantment. (Somebody want to write a new set of runic sorcery rules?)

Nick Brooke again
> "Loskalm, Loskalm ueber alles"

I thought it was "Star spangled banner"?!?  

Henk Langefeld on magic systems
IMHO RQ having three (plus GoG) separate magic systems is one of its strengths as (generic) system. In my campaign I've added even more...

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