Date: Mon 17 May 1993 - 18:10:55 EEST

Nick Brooke:
Thank you! It is very difficult to get hold of information concerning the history of Glorantha.

The idea of an invisible god strikes me as being very weird. Maybe its me, but I don't like it.

Magic in general:

It's probably better to say that the further you move away from Sartar, the more unusual the magical system will be. I don't see why Glorantha should only have 3-4 magic types.

It allows the GM to place more unusual obstacles in the way of the player.

Strike Ranks:
Has anybody ever tried having 100 SRs rather than just 10? The idea that somebody goes in SR2 then in SR5, then SR8, then SR2,rather than SR1, seems a bit illogical. It would require more book keeping, but over all would be more realistic. It would also allow poisons to take effect within an alloted time rather than at the end of a combat round.


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