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Date: Mon 17 May 1993 - 07:14:25 EEST

>The meeting at the birth of the race was cut short for some unknown reason
>could that bit be resent?

Glad you noticed. Here is the corrected text:


In order to accomplish these goals, they were forced to strike away from the Path's of Humakt and Eurmal into the uncharted realms of myth. Many and great were the dangers. Dha-Naald was forced to slay so often that he grew sick of death. Dha-Fhee used all his Trickster powers to negotiate the hazards he encountered until he was weary and without any remaining guile or wit. Finally each found the place they sought -- simultaneously. They faced each other over a nest of four eggs ready to hatch. Dha-Naald made as if to slay Dha-Fhee but could not. Dha-Fhee plotted to lead his brother away from the nest but could think of no suitable subterfuge. Each settled down to a single egg and began to work the magics they had prepared. Dha-Naald's egg hatched first and from it emerged a perfectly formed water fowl, no larger than a hare. It leaped upward into the sky and flew away. Dha-Fhee's egg hatched next. It contained a perfectly formed man who stood and looked about and walked away. Again the two brothers faced each other across the nest. Only two eggs remained and, fearing for the very existence of the Duck race, both brothers stayed their hands from meddling further.

They sat then and watched the birth of Father and Mother Duck and rejoiced in their perfection. Their questions over duck nature remained unanswered, their private hopes denied, but the two brothers reached a pact there at the birthplace of their race. They forged a bond of harmony between them and took it within themselves where it worked great good at healing all their buried pains and fears. They returned to the mortal world and founded their cult together.


Someone remarked on the weakness of that last sentence as the foundation for a cult and I agree. I'm not entirely clear on how apotheosis is supposed to work. Can anyone illuminate me? ;')

I have a Balazar based scenario I could post, but I haven't seen many scenarios and I don't want to take up space with inappropriate stuff. Any interest?

Brian Hebert

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