Re: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 17 May 1993, part 1

From: Tim Posney (
Date: Tue 18 May 1993 - 21:52:44 EEST

Just a short note on 'realistic combat'. I recently started a new group of players using the RQIV.2 rules and the combat went extremeley well.
Some things that happened.

        One player, who happened to have a good skill in 2H-spear, impaled one opponent in the head (killing him) and the grabbed his second spear, a little later impaling the shield of another. He had then run out of spears, picked up a mace lying on the ground and using base chances beat the remaining foe to death.

This was most satisfying for all concerned. In fact this player gave up all parries to attempt to hit as often as possible. (A fairly good match to his non-game personality).

One of the opponents made a very bad fumble and disabled themselves with a misplaced blow to the groin.

This coupled with the fact that big nasty looking creatures are actually big and nasty in combat made for a good time had by all.

So, I still think RQ combat (especially the IV rules) give by far the best feel to combat. Not necessarily realistic but good to play. regards tim

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