White Moon=Yelm+Red Moon+Blue Moon?

From: Curtis Shenton (curtiss@netcom.com)
Date: Tue 18 May 1993 - 07:43:13 EEST

Ok I got a bit confused with which colors are primary.... But I still think this could be an interesting avenue of discussion. Since the 3rd color needed to create white in the primary color scheme is yellow it could be be that Yelm is part of the White Moon prophesy.

        An interesting White Moon cult could be based on the idea that the coming of the White Moon signals the end of Time or at least a change in Time. When the Lunar way combines with Yelm then once again the sun(the new white moon) will not move from it's place in the sky. Heck you could even have a cult of variant White Moon cultists who claim that the White Moon was Yelm and he was split into three aspects when Orlanth killed him.

    This Yelm plus Red Moon plus Blue Moon scheme also covers most of the elements. Yelm is sky of course, the Red Moon seeks to take over Air, the Blue Moon is darkness, and it while it's a bit thin the connection of the Blue Moon to tides could be a link to Sea, which still leaves Earth of course. This sort of fits the White Moon prophesies I remember, the White Moon cult in the Lunar Empire thinks the Red Moon will become the White Moon and the Mostali claim that the White Moon will come after the Red Moon after it has moved across the sky. Are their any other bits of Gloranthan lore that deal with the White Moon? --

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