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Date: Wed 19 May 1993 - 19:29:26 EEST

Nick Brook said:
> ______________
> Green Moonies:
> I am *not* using my now-legendary Gloranthan insight in the following
> comments:
> > Green Lunar rocks were scattered to the edge of the Universe
> Like Gloranthan Kryptonite??

Of course, what else do you think the Elves use to stop Iron Dwarf HeroQuesters from becoming the Superhero, Mostali of Steel? ;)

> Curtis's latest posting (Yelm + Red + Blue = White) seems sensible, and
> avoids the need to create new and unheard-of Gloranthan moons.
> Yeah, it would make sense (says my God Learner slave) for the Godtime's
> Perfect Sun to have been White. Then it fragments into three. The New Sun
> (which rose at the Dawning) was only the Yellow fragment of the original.
> Now the Waertagi are back, there's a chance we can get the Blue Moon under
> control and recreate the Perfect World.

Where does the Waertagi/Blue Moon connection come from? But the White Moon--->3 Moons idea does allow another explanation of why the Solar and Lunar cults seem to get along so well.
> Have you considered that if the Mostali are intending to use the Red Moon
> as a giant bath-plug, the Blue Moon will crash into it at an
> *unpredictable* moment during the operation? It's in her nature...

This is true. Now we just need to convice Yelm he's really a moonie and we're set.

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