Re: RuneQuest Daily, Wed, 19 May 1993, part 4

From: G. Fried (address.removed@nowhere.tld)
Date: Wed 19 May 1993 - 20:19:51 EEST

A few comments and questions:

Strike Ranks: I imagine someone has suggested this before, but in my campaign, at the start of each round I have one PC make a d10 roll for all the PCs and I make one for all their enemies. Then everone adds the SR of their activity to their side's roll. Then I say, "OK, any one act on SR 1? 2? Etc... I still assume that this all occurs in a 12 second round -- that the segments get 'squished up' depending on the d10 rolls. Big battles get a bit complicated, but I try to make the SRs of the PC's opponents as uniform as possible. My players like this sytem: they say it helps them visualize the combat sequence better. I like the suggestion about INTx3% rolls for spell casting in combat, with *immediate* attack by an opponent, regardless of SR.

Encouraging other forms of attack. I allow initiates of warlike cults to develop a skill called Combat Sense (a Perception skill). For each segment the PC delays in a round, s/he may use the skill to ask one 'question' about an opponent's skills and intentions. This may be used to estimate how good that Lunar is with his scimitar, but if the player uses it to assess the opponents intentions that round, and is successful, then -- depending on the circumstances -- I may allow the PC a bonus on a more unconventional form of attack. Eg: Player: "I use my combat sense to predict what the troll plans to do this round!" Me: "Looks like he's raising his maul overhead for an all-out crushing blow!" Player: "I knee him in the groin!" Me: "OK, you get +40% kick." (Or alternatively: "Sorry, you blew your Combat Sense roll! The troll was really planning to rush past you and attack the priestess you were guarding; he's going to get some plusses against YOU now...")

What's the David Cheng Runepower system? Anyone care to email me about it?

I don't think Initiation should be a spell. I think that overly formalizes something that is a discretional power of Rune Masters and Priests -- at most, have it rely on Ceremony.

Could someone tell us newbies how to get in on the RQ IV rules?!?!?! Thanx!

Long live the Renaissance!
G. Fried

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