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A big hello from Sam Phillips.
An Even Bigger Hello from Harry Sigerson   (Sam's GM and the person who gets all the printouts of this    most splendid digest/newsletter/thingy..)  

FROM SAM:   Oliver.

  i) Thank-you for the info on your runefont. I can't access Internet
      from here. I would, therfore, be most grateful if you could send
     me a binhexed copy for the Mac (but only if you can be bothered and
     have large amounts of time to waste etc..)
 ii) Thank-you for RQIV. (I hope it was OK to get it from a 3rd party).
     As soon as the exam season is over we are going to try out a lot
     of the new ideas. It looks rather splendid though. I am a little
     concerened that some things have been complicted further rather
     than simplified and/or clarified. I would awlays seek to simplify
     as long as it doesn't detract from the feel of realism that RQ
     provides. I particularly liked the new sorcery draught. Harry
     liked the Fatigue rules, the previous experience rules. I am
     most taken with the ideas about adding flair and panache (sp)
     to combat. Having extra skills however semms to complicate the issue.
    i would have thought that a master swordsmaan could do all these
     things anyway. We would play it (in our own RQLite) that anyone
    could attempt to do another action (from a quick slap to a handful
     of dirt in the face to a silly hand gesture or complicated manoeuvre
     if they stated it before rolling on attack, received a special, and
     succeeded on a roll for the extra action (throw, kick, slap etc). We
     probably won't use the manoeuvre skill as we have always assumed it
     to be an integral part of the attack skill - and wouldn't manoeuvring
     be different with different weapons? Consider a Greatsword vs a Dagger!
    Still, good stuff none the less.
-- Thanks.  

Was it Ken who brought up the idea of RQLite?

On the subject of RQLite. I think this is the way forward. Away! with all ye fiddley-forgetty-OhEff-I'll-just-fudge-it! rules. I bet there isn't an individual on this mailing list who doesn't drop at least one rule. I would be interested to see who drops what and why?  

We drop strike ranks for one! Nasty horrible things. ptoo! We hardly use fatigue either. yeeuch! What do YOU drop?...  

Rob Mace, ducks.

Sorry for being so familiar. I know I barely know you. but, I LIKE ducks. And I think you can treat them seriously while still retaining a healthy level of amusement by them. They ARE a bit silly. I prefer the idea of them being like Daffy Duck than the idea of them just as Ducks that talk. Mind you, Daffy can fly. Sometimes. Ducks were one the things that first attracted me to Glorantha. That and all the rest. But I know what you mean. Some lesser mortals sneer at Glorantha and its' ducks. But then who wants their sort anyway.
(okay AH needs their cash to print a DuckPack but can't we just mug
them or something).;?)  

On the GREEN MOON debate



(My G.M. for 10 yrs - bless his little socks)

Hello everybody,  

RE: D.E.B.


>From my limited knowledge of DEB and it's earthly history (early morning Open University Programmes on the venetian merchants, -- the advantages of being unemployed few as they are). I get the basic principles but what I don't understand is what it allows you to do. *Specifically* What differences at both the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels, would not having DEB make ? In what way would the magical element of Glorantha enable an empire to be run without DEB? after all, if your bookkeeping can't tell you where that one million Lunars went to a well thought out Divination could do the trick!  

I ask due to an incident in my campaign during the Garhound adventuree. A Luna in Pavis (Sam's character) got work as a clerk for the Rugbagian family and worked as a "bookie" agent for them in Garhound. He rigged a series of false bets all placed on the assumption that the Lunar stooge would win the Ladies' contest. When he did win, the character was forced to pay out (to himself via a runner), losing the Rugbaggian family a lot of money. He was dismissed and he and his accomplice made off post haste.  

(The bets were recorded in place of real bets that weren't placed on the
Lunar stooge. Then if the Lunar lost anyone who came to collect a winning would still get paid. The scam wouldn't get found out until the books were checked. I would be off by then. If the Lunar did win no-one would come and complain. We had to duplicate receipts. But since I was issuing them it was not a problem. -- Sam)  

My problem was I did not know how bookies record the bets they take or ensure the honesty of their agents. How far could such a traitor actually go before being detected?
My solution was simpler and I feel very Gloranthan and Lunar. I decided that a Divination check (I mentioned earlier) at the end end of the festival would be S.O.P for the family to weed out Dishonesty among their employees. They didn't get where they are today (rich) by trusting people!  

The PC's got away with the loot but their faces are on wanted posters everywhere!  

This leads to my second question:  

How widespread is the use of letters of credit and how seriously are they taken?  

My two thieves (thieves? I'm not a thief. I'm an opportunist! --Sam) took much of their ill gotten gains as letters of credit made out to thye bearer. These didn't protect the characters from being robbed but it did make it easier to run off with 4800L than it would have been if it were in Gold & Silver.  

Andrew Bean

I liked your thoughts on DEB as Etyries' secret weapon to compensate for their weak magic, "knowledge is power" and all that.  

A couple more questions:

If the Black Horse Troop are Stygian Heretics (RQIV sorcry rules & other places eg. Genertela box) what god(s) would they follow? I assume War gods but didn't Arkat worship both Humakt and ZorakZoran?  

Lunar Cults:

I completely agree with the idea that *anything* on the 7 Mothers cults and other Lunar cults would be the single most useful thing I could have
for my campaign. That lack has gotten so bad that my group haven't crossed swords with a Lunar Soldier since they rode the Cradle to Victory (Hurrah!)
(And that was over 5yrs ago now! --Sam).

Anyway I'll call it a day and hope to contribute again soon  

Okay, that wraps it up for me too. Cheers All. Keep Questing!  

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