Date: Sat 22 May 1993 - 14:40:24 EEST

G'Day all,
Someone recently mentioned that they had a "Balazar-based" scenario. To that RQ DAILY NEWS reader and other scenario writers out there in the ether, I would like to invite you to submit your scenario material to TALES. We probably receive fewer scenarios/cameos than any other types of submissions, but their is great demand for them.

Scenarios should be no longer than about 8000 words, and the shorter they are, the easier we can fit 'em in. Stats should be kept to a minimum.

Scenarios must be Gloranthan and certain elements can make a scenario more Gloranthan, such as detail on the local culture or society, magic and mysticism, myth, religion and ritual. We're especially on the lookout for scenarios that are innovative and challenging, but not necessarily via lots of hack 'n slash.

Cameos are scenario or campaign ideas without the detail and explanation of the typical scenario. There should be little or no stats, and maybe a map or magic item description. Good cameos will always see print because we can get more in the zine!

For more information about submissions to TALES, see our Writer's Guidelines sheet (from which I have lifted the above). You can get it from the editorial addresses
(remember the SSAE!)

Hope to hear from some of you soon!


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