Re: RuneQuest Daily, Fri, 21 May 1993, part 2

From: William C Robertson (
Date: Fri 21 May 1993 - 11:30:11 EEST

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> Subject: Re: Reply to various ideas
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> Date: 20 May 93 19:33:06 GMT
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> We are working on a Deezola who is NOT just a weak Lunar version of
> Chalana Arroy but has a rather different approach to healing. If people
> want i will post a draft but otherwise I will wait until more work is done.
> Again we do not expect to be able to publish a full Cult of Deezola but
> want to work it out as part of the deep background for our supplement.

    What do you mean? I'm curious, if you could explain what you mean by "different" I'd be happy.


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