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Sorry, couldn't hold back here.

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> Subject: Scenarios for TALES OF THE REACHING MOON!
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> Date: 22 May 93 11:40:24 GMT
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> G'Day all,
> Someone recently mentioned that they had a "Balazar-based"
> scenario. To that RQ DAILY NEWS reader and other
> scenario writers out there in the ether, I would like
> to invite you to submit your scenario material to
> TALES. We probably receive fewer scenarios/cameos than
> any other types of submissions, but their is great
> demand for them.
Yeah. I don't know about French, Japanese or Finnish magazines, but there is another RQ-mag online, and I'm the editor. So, if you don't mind being translated into German... (MOB doesn't!)

> Scenarios should be no longer than about 8000 words, and
> the shorter they are, the easier we can fit 'em in. Stats
> should be kept to a minimum.
> Scenarios must be Gloranthan and certain elements can
> make a scenario more Gloranthan, such as detail on the
> local culture or society, magic and mysticism, myth,
> religion and ritual. We're especially on the lookout
> for scenarios that are innovative and challenging, but not
> necessarily via lots of hack 'n slash.

We do take non-Glorantha scenarios, but in general I agree with MOB.

> Cameos are scenario or campaign ideas without the detail and
> explanation of the typical scenario. There should be little
> or no stats, and maybe a map or magic item description.
> Good cameos will always see print because we can get more
> in the zine!
Well, I can't promise that, but: I'm interested, too.

If anybody is interested in more info, contact me by email.

BTW: Are there finnish RQ-players around here who could give me some help about finnish language RQ-mags? I'm an advanced beginner in finnish and need to train...
Joerg Baumgartner

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