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>> From: dustin@ocf.Berkeley.EDU (Dustin Tranberg)
>> Subject: POW checks
>> Date: 19 May 93 08:02:21 GMT
>> Since you can't exercise to increase POW like you can STR or CON, this
>> can be presented as a metaphor for POW gains. "Just as striving with
>> a foe in combat makes you a stronger fighter, striving with a foe in
>> magical combat makes you a stronger magician."

I disagee with this description of POW. I've always played/seen/heard of POW as a beings tie with the world, with his or her or it's importance as a living part of glorantha. I've not thought of it as a mental arm- wrestling strength rating, except as an aside.

The idea of gaining POW for actions furthering your cult, your people, etc., makes much more sense to me then the POW gain rules as they presently stand.

>> Subject: Some responses
>> Date: 19 May 93 19:20:25 GMT

>> Power gain rolls: I'm not at all fond of them either. What would you
>> think of a modification of the Pendragon system - handing out a
>> certain amount of POW gain on a periodic basis based on the characters
>> level of magical activity? Something along the lines of a moderately

I'd rather it be based on _spiritual_ activity , see comments above re: POW.

Same for regaining Rune spells.

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>> Subject: Lunar Cults & Founders
>> Date: 19 May 93 18:43:44 GMT
>> Och, this looks like the right place for a *really nasty* theory that was
>> doing the rounds here a year or two ago:
>> The Seven Mothers are often compared to the Lightbringers: they undertake a
>> quest to rescue a dead deity languishing in Hell, who when returned to the
>> ...
>> that brought back the Red Goddess intending *cynically* to fail in the
>> exercise of their cultic virtues? They deliberately betrayed their ideals
>> in order to pass through the various challenges of the test. That would

Is is cynicism or is it illumination that is the motive?

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>> Date: 19 May 93 16:49:44 GMT

>> Lunar Cults:
>> ------------
>> I completely agree with the idea that *anything* on the 7 Mothers cults
>> and other Lunar cults would be the single most useful thing I could have

When's LunarPak? Is there a LunarPak?

Actually, that brings up a question, if Ken or others can or will answer: What is in the pipeline currently? What is not, and what would you like?

Ken? anybody?

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