Re: Acolytes

Date: Mon 24 May 1993 - 19:07:05 EEST

  Paul R. here.

  I was going over Nick's suggestions for Acolytes in the May 17 RQ Daily and discovered (buried among many ideas that I agree with) the following statement:

> You can't take a break while retaining
> the magical (and social) benefits, though you'll get them back when you
> pick up your tasks again. And *nobody* who wants to keep their family and
> friends can give up 100% of their time to God...

  While this may be true for warrior cults such as Humakt, I see Acolytes of Ernalda, Pelora, Lodril, etc. as loacally-respected villagers who take a trip down to the big (i.e. minor) temple in the far - away town (perhaps even 20 Kilometers) once a season and then bring back magical benefits and spiritual guidance for their village. Otherwise they may be very similar to the other peasants. Or is Nick counting time spent Farming as time given to this sort of God?

  Around here we've required full priests to have at least Worship, Sanctify, and Divination, but acolytes need not have these spells. I think Initiation also makes a good Rune Magic. We have allowed people to self-Initiate if there is no organized cult in their area. This requires fervent prayer belief, and "cultic" behavior. Candidates for self-Initiation need to make a POW x 1 roll to succeed and it costs them two points of Power rather than 1. We made up these rules for a community which had been isolated by the Syndic's Ban.

  Instead of the Test of Holiness, perhaps the GM can keep track of "cult virtues" for the character. This would be easier in a Pendragon-style system.

  Is there now a debating board for RQ IV?

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