The Cult of Vianeth

Date: Tue 25 May 1993 - 14:39:27 EEST

Here is a small cult, to revolte you all. Comments welcomed ?


  1. Mythos and History

Little is known about the origins of Vianeth, though some believe that he is the bastard son of either Aldrya or Ernalda; of his early life, training and motivations only a few scraps of knowledge exist and the authenticity of this information is doubted even by some of his most ardent followers. Only one fact is known for sure :-

Vianeth was present when the Grandfather Mortal (Fleshman) was saline by the power of death and while the other witnesses fled in horror from the site Vianeth felt himself drawn towards the pool of blood oozing from the corpse. Kneeling down he touched the gore with his fingers and drew upon his face and body with the blood. Shocked and awed by what he had seen he waited in silence and then saw that where the blood soaked into the ground new life in the forms of plants sprung forth.

Vianeth was seized by the idea of new life coming forth from death and sought out the power that was death. By guile and stealth he tracked Humakt and hid amongst the under growth and bushes and watched Humakt practicing with the sword. Later as the exauhsted Humakt slept he creeps forward and touched the blade of the sword. Sizing it up we went away and copied it using his skills to work wood.

Finding the wooden sword would not cut, like the sword of death, he enchanted the blade to make it sharp and strong and then taking the ritual knife he slew several animals, letting their blood soak into the soil bringing forth fertile crops. He was dissapointed with the effects and found that the best effect was obtained when sentient creatures were slain.

2. Cult Sociology and Ecology.

Vianeth has no place in civilised society, his preists work in secret groves and gardens in woodlands. These temples are maintained by the ritual sacrifice of animals and by the blood letting of the faithful, who on holy days of the cult ritually incise their chests and arms letting the blood flow into the soil.

In times of famine and desperation amongst farmers and common people, These secret temples of Vianeth are sought out the preists are summoned to help. Then on the high holy day of the cult, the priest bring forth their ritual knives and human sacrifices are made, normally one "willing" volunteer but sometimes mass carnage is the unhappy result.

3. Lay Membership

To all intents and purposes Vianeth has no Lay membership, excepting that any person presenent at a Blood Letting who participates in the worship of Vianeth is a lay member.

4. Initiates (The Blooded)

Initiates must, upon the high holy day of Vianeth, take up a sanctified wooden knife and cut them selves about the chest and arms. They must tithe 10% of their wealth to the cult, normally in the form of sacrificial animals. They may plant and tend shrines to Vianeth and learn how to work wood to make knives. They are sworn to absolute secrecy concerning the location to the temples and shrines and form the public face of the cult. Although their membership of the cult is normally secret, it is through initiates that common people contact the cult in times of need.

Initiates are taught to craft sacrificial knives, make sacrifices (a version of the peacfull cut), and the fertility rituals of the cult.

shrines teach woodsharp.

5. Rune Lords -- Vianeth has no rune lords.

6. Rune Preists.

Initiates of good standing who have remained within the cult for at least five years may attain the priest hood. In order to do so they must be able to make a set of sacrificial knives (at 90%) and know the skills of sacrificial cut and the scrifical ritual (at 90%). On the high holy day of the cult they must find a human sacrificial victim and under the tutelage of an existing priest conduct the rite of fertility.

Following this they must withdraw from society and attend unto the business of the cult 90% of the time. In return they obtain the succor provided by any initiates and may eat the flesh of sacrificial animals only.

7. Spells

Rite of Fertility (Fleshman)

3pt Ritual, 1 Seasons Duration, Stackable, Range 50 Hectares. (1 Use)

This is the spell which calls upon Vianeth to interceed and to use the blood of a human sacrificial victim to enrich poor and impoverished soil. The ritual last for one full day culminating in the sacrifice of the victim and blood letting into the soil. In return the soil becomes more fertile for one season.

Rite of Fertility (Beast)

1pt Ritual, 1 Week Duration, Stackable, range 1^2 m per point of size.

As above, but requires a sacrificial animal.

Enchant ritual knife.

1pt Ritual, Permanent, Non-Stakable, range touch.

This spell takes a crafted wooden sacrificial knife and allows it to take an edge.

Woodsharp -var.

This spirit spell works like bladesharp, but upon the wooden knives and swords used by the cult.

8. Skills

Craft Sacrificial Knives -- Craft skill allowing wood to be carved to make wooden knives and sword.

Sacrificial Cut -- cuts the throat of a victim in such a way that the sacrificed animal/person dies peacefully and in a manner causing as much blood as possible to be let.

NB: Conceal, stealth and back-woods skills are considered important by the cult.

(c) David Ingram 1993.
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