Paul's Comment about a Sorcery System

From: staats@Athena.MIT.EDU
Date: Fri 28 May 1993 - 19:08:32 EEST

A method of incorporating the runic influence into the sorcery system and avoiding some of the pit-falls you described would be to use the runic formulae described in recent copies of the RQ Daily along with named multi-point spells.

For example, Granth wants to cast Grundle's Dancing Flame spell which has the associated runic formulae of <fire>+<movement>+<man> and has an MP cost of 7 points. Grundle's Dancing Flame has a range of 10m and a duration of 10 minutes. Granth has skill levels of 10%, 98% and 36% for the runes of fire, movement and man respectively. So, his base chance to cast the spell is 10%, taking the lowest of the associate runes. Also, he would have to have at least 7 points of free intelligence to cast the spell.

You can treat the skill levels for the runes as Lores (i.e. use research rules for determining gain, etc.). I'm definitely in favor of retaining the ceremony rules; they add quite a bit to the game play experience . . .

"Steng, the goblins are BREAKING DOWN THE DOOR! Hurry Man!"

"Leave Steng along <grunt>! He must complete ceremony to have chance at
dispelling Beast of Darkness! You and me hold away goblins!"

The concepts behind the intensity and duration rules could be better served by just having more costly versions of the spell (e.g. well now, the 12 point version of the Grundle's Dancing Flame spell lasts 30 minutes) *OR* by having additional spells which can be used to increase duration. For example, Styles Spell of Temporal Tension adds five minutes to the time for duration based spells. Multi-spell should be retained as is.

Just my two bits!

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