Re: RuneQuest Daily, Fri, 04 Jun 1993, part 2

From: G. Fried (address.removed@nowhere.tld)
Date: Fri 04 Jun 1993 - 22:44:52 EEST

G. Fried here.

Mark Sabalauskas:
Many, many of us dislike the RQ3 sorcery. We want something with more flavor! There is a legitimate concern for players, not to mention published material, already committed to the RQ3 sorcery system. I have addressed this broadly in other postings: once we have the basic rune-based sorcery system in place, why not just proclaim by fiat that all supplements and characters using the RQ3 system simply represent one of the many historical schools of magic? Then each campaign can choose to keep or chuck it as it sees fit.

John Castellucci:
Yeee-Haw! The check is in the mail.

John Medway:
Thanks for the support (finally!) on combat sense! Anything to give ducks a fighting chance!

Yes, I do have more material available from my East Isles campaign. I have cult write-ups and also a scenario I am working on to submit to "Tales". However, since you are the only reader to show any interest in the Uralog cult (Henk -- you say there was a glitch in the weekend mailing -- could that be why?), I am loathe to send in any more material to clog up the RQ Daily. Someone wrote in the last issue that there's too much discussion of rules (esp. sorcery) and not enough Glorantha. So people, do let me know if you want more of that stuff, cause i for one certaily wouldn't want to impose it on you without some expression of interest. Otherwise, Joerg, I'd be happy to send stuff to you at your e-mail address. Bitte mich darueber mitteilen!

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