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From: Ed Wallman (WALLMAN@VAX2.Winona.MSUS.EDU)
Date: Fri 04 Jun 1993 - 13:56:37 EEST

What I really want to post my convincing explanations of why the air rune is REALLY associated with INT and why the fire rune is REALLY opposite the beast rune. But I will post this instead.

WHERE WE PLAY IN GLORANTHA: First, I run things in Glorantha's history to take advantage of all the material available. Second, I run things in places where I know there will be no material coming out to contradict me (This was mainly because I do not have RQ2 material and I was waiting for the end of the great void - we will soon be moving to Prax). Two such campaign regions follow...

Old campaign circa 1520. My players were Orlanthi from Maniria. They ended up being spys/messengers/thugs for a would be king of Ramalia. They caused a lot of trouble there (why do you think it ends up being an enemy kingdom?). I sort of got turned off to the undetailed Western culture and the icky sorcery rules here, but we had fun.

Current campain circa 1580. My players are from the island of Alatan, cut off from the rest of the world by the closing. When Dormal arrived, the king of Alatan first welcomed him, then tried to kill him and take his secrets. I thought the players went along with their king just to role play, but it turns out they knew less about Glorantha than I thought and did not even know who Dormal was (is). Needless to say, Jobar was killed, Dormal is now sailing into godhood, and Alatan is now busily building itself up to become a pirate state. A war with Holy Country is due in a year or so.

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