My Brain Hurts!

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun 06 Jun 1993 - 13:22:41 EEST


> A comment about the "broken element needed for INT" controversy

Still don't see why this is a controversy. "Everybody knows" that eating fish makes you more brainy (? because some fishes must have drunk from Daliath's Well of Wisdom ?). "Everybody knows" that locking yourself up in a library and reading through a load of dusty old tomes makes you more brainy. "Everybody knows" that old folks are wiser than young folks. "Everybody knows" that Lumavoxoran, East Isles god of Haragala, teaches the Rune spell "Sapience" (+1 INT per point of spell). So, why do we think that INT is 'broken' and can't be increased by training, experience or magic, when common sense and written rules tell us otherwise?

In the "MoonQuest" (RuneQuest/Pendragon crossover) rules system I'm writing and testing now, I'd allow an INT increase to be taken (this is *not* 'INT training'): +1 to INT per two years of reasonable attempts to increase it in your spare time. As you could increase any other characteristic (hereafter 'stat' to save space) twice as fast, this doesn't cause problems re: game balance. Like any other stat, increasing it above 'species maximum' (for me, this is always max roll + min roll + fixed bonus; for INT = 2+12+6 = 20 for humans) takes twice as many years, and no free increases are handed out once ageing begins.

So, a Lankhor Mhy initiate who joined the cult with INT 18 at age 15 would have INT 20 by age 19, INT 24 by age 35, and would thereafter go into a slow decline through ageing. He'd also have the same stats in everything else that he was generated with, while other characters aged 35 would have had +20 or so divided between various stats (or used to recover from major wound stat losses etc.), *including* their POW (no POW gain rolls in my system, remember!). If that's how you want to spend your life, fair enough by me!

Och, I borrow another line from Pendragon and allow SIZ increases up to age 21 as well. Some day I'll write up all the "MoonQuest" rules I've experimented with and post them somewhere. 'Til then, I hope you guys aren't too annoyed at these piecemeal revelations...


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