"Aussie Style" tournaments at RQ CON (re: Dave Cheng's posting)

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Date: Mon 07 Jun 1993 - 11:08:44 EEST

RE: RQ Con tournaments:

Dave Cheng's RQ-Con flyer mentions "Australian style role-pay tournaments". One of these I will be bringing with me is...

...History records that as the Lunar Army advanced into the desert wastes of Prax, many brave men and women willingly gave their lives in service to the Red Goddess. It was the the time of the Hero Wars, of incredible feats of bravery performed against impossible odds, of raw courage and absolute sacrifice. This is not such a story...

SEVEN MOTHERS DO 'AVE 'EM - Amazon Women of the Red Moon By the Wyrms Footprint Design Team

A brief preamble:
"Welcome to the world of Glorantha: a world where the gods and their power are omnipresent, a world where magic is awesome and real, a world where men and women of courage and ingenuity can become as gods.

Welcome to the time of the Hero Wars: a period of the titanic struggle to decide the future of all intelligent life.

By the end of the Third age, the economic and magico-military might of the Lunar Empire had spread across vast reaches of the northern continent. The conquering Lunar armies brought the Joyous News of the Red Goddess to every civilised country, and were soon followed by joyous throngs of Lunar Priestesses, tax collectors, bureaucrats and inquisitors. By the year 1612, the Empire had spread to the very ends of the earth.


To Prax.

Prax: A sun-blackened, waterless dustbowl of treacherous deserts, savage native tribes and howling chaotic monstrosities.

Prax: Three barbarians in search of a tree.

Prax: A land where women are *real* women, baboons are *real* baboons, and the Lunar High Command is *real* desperate.

As you might guess, this tournament ain't exactly serious, but does give the players (and GM) involved the opportunity to roleplay themselves silly. Don't worry if you forget your dice, and a big table for maps and figures won't be necessary. In fact, players must have every opportunity to run amok, hang from the chandeliers and so on (sorry about that Dave). Simple props such as rubber chickens, bananas and horseflesh from your local McDonalds adds considerably to the atmosphere.
and realism of this sensitive and
dramatic epic.

This tournament was a big hit at Arcanacon VIII and Macquariecon '90, two of
biggest gaming conventions held Down Under, and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun at RQ-Con too! Closer to the time, I will be looking for adventurous GMs to help me stage the event, which will be for groups of 5 and a sessions of about two hours. I also hope to bring another Aussie tournament that is in a more serious vein, but haven't decided which one yet (maybe something from the legendary Kree Mountain?)



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