runic sorcery in glorantha

From: Ed Wallman (WALLMAN@VAX2.Winona.MSUS.EDU)
Date: Wed 09 Jun 1993 - 23:14:51 EEST

>> What I really want to post are my convincing explanations
>> of why the Air Rune is REALLY associated with INT and why
>> the Fire Rune is REALLY opposite the Beast Rune...

> They're what I REALLY want to see! Unless this is a piss-taking parody, of > course... (no offence: I only say this because I honestly can't see the

Sorry, I missed someone responding to my piss-taking parody as I sorted through the reams of sorcery discussion.

Does anyone else find it amusing that one post will have very convincing arguments about one runic organization scheme, and another post will have equally convincing arguments about a different runic organization scheme?

Does anyone else think that one of the best things about Glorantha is that it is undefinable and malleable? How the universe is organized is based on who you are and where you are. The universe can even be rearranged with enough effort. Glorantha is not organized from the outside, but from within.

Just put me in the "uneasy about rune based sorcery" camp.

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