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Date: Thu 10 Jun 1993 - 23:24:40 EEST

First an introduction: I bought RQ3 when it first came out, but never got to play it as all my friends were AD&D purists and for the past few years I have not thought much about RQ at all. However, I recently got interested in it again and was rather surprised to find from TOTRM and this digest, which I should add I have only subscribed too since this Tuesday last, that not only is sorcery so reviled, but that people do not think it even fits in with the Malkioni. Unfortunately, I felt, perhaps erroneously, that the best part of RQ3 was that it opened up the West to game play. Therefore, I have decided to send in some comments, which I hope I will be excused for if they are too simple-minded.

(i)Different Sorcery Rules For The Different Heresies of The Malkioni.

The Hrestoli came from the Brithini originally and all subsequent heresies, except the Stygian, have split off from the Hrestoli. Since, according to the prosopaedia in GoG, Zzabur is known as the First Wizard, I have always taken these facts to mean that all Malkioni use the same sorcery system, which means the same sorcery rules as far as the game mechanics are concerned.

(ii) However, (i) does not mean they all use the same spells, because we know
this not to be true and according to book 2 of Genertela, the Brithini have spells that non-Brithini cannot use. This is one major difference that does exist and needs to be explained.

(iii) We also know from Genertela that the Hrestoli, Rokari and presumably all
the Hrestoli offshoots refer to sorcery in religious terms, as prayers or miracles, but do the Brithini? Also, for the Rokari and the Galvosti(?), which don't have caste advancement, how do the different castes approach magic? Here I agree there would be noticeable caste differences. I imagine that for the Hrestoli and Borists(?) there must be some differences here as well, but probably not so extreme. It would be nice if these points could be included in a write-up of the Malkioni, as doing so would really help to put sorcery into a social context.

[Digression: Perhaps the Hrestoli etc. refer to sorcery as prayers because sorcery involves the manipulation of natural processes that they believe to be part of the Invisible God (see GoG) and therefore leads to some contact with the Divine? If so, how do the Brithini relate to spell use?]

I guess that to sum-up, what I have been trying to say is that I think that apart from some special Brithini magic, all the Malkioni use the same sorcery (rules), but that there will be differences in how their different societies view it.

(iv) Re: David Scott's enquiries about the origin of humanity according to the

I wrote to Chaosium about this several years ago and Greg Stafford answered
(26/9/89) that the Malkioni believe that:

"Men are the spawn of the rape of merwomen by kolati."

Therefore Malkion is human - see WF 13.

According to GoG only the very earliest entities (including the dragons ?) new the Creator personally.

(vi) Discussion point. In the letter mentioned above I also asked about Yingar
the Messanger. Greg Stafford replied with

"Yingar the Messanger is more like an angel than a Saint. There are others like him. BUT the Malkioni do not like to admit to that."

Any thoughts?

(vi) I have not thought much about other sorcery users. However, as sorcery is
"just" the use of natural processes, I don't believe that it would be unreasonable if the Mostali use pretty much the same sorcery system as the Malkioni, as according to GoG they do both examine the world systematically and share certain beliefs.

(vii) Question: If Vivamort is a Western sect, how does this tie in with the
cult of Vivamort as given in CoT?

(viii) OK, dumb point now. If some people believe that the different sects of
the Invisible God should use different systems of sorcery then how do they explain divine magic under which Storm Bull and Primal Chaos both obey the same rules? Personally, I think there is more of a difference between Issaries and Lankhor Mhy than between the Hrestoli and the Rokari!

I hope that my comments are:(a) not too confused and (b) not too stupid, but as a Malkioniophile I was rather concerned to find that the West and sorcery were in such a state of flux. Personally, I find this even sadder when we recall that it was in the West, with Prince Snodal of Loskalm, that Glorantha began.

Simon Manning.

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