Re: RuneQuest Daily, Mon, 14 Jun 1993, part 2

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Date: Mon 14 Jun 1993 - 21:52:13 EEST

> From: (Joerg Baumgartner)
> Subject: Re: Sorcerers' cultures, archery
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> Date: 13 Jun 93 10:04:37 GMT
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> Did you make this logevity piece up as well as the Pharaoh bit, or do you
> base it on written evidence?

I don't know if Greg has ever published info on how the Pharaoh is immortal, but when the current Pharaoh's body wears out, a great contest is held. The participants are known as the Masters of Luck and Death (remember the oft-promised Chaosium board game of the same name? This is it!). Depending on which viewpoint you subscribe to, either the winner "becomes" the next Pharaoh, or the winner's body is taken over the by Pharaoh. If the latter is true, no mention is made of whether the Pharaoh and the consciousness of the body merge, or the former replaces the latter.


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