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Date: Mon 14 Jun 1993 - 23:25:42 EEST

Seconds out. Round 3.

Carl Fink:
>Yes, but only one of those islands is now Malkioni.

Dave dodges: Hey, who says? I thought the other three islands followed other sects of Malkionism?

>And all those divine cults DON'T TEACH SPIRIT MAGIC. The non-Divine
portion of >their magic is (generally) sorcery.

Splat! Dave reels back and falls to the floor. He rises unsteadily: Hey, but isn't that a kinda weird sort of sorcery. Not your mainstream stuff really.

Curtis Shenton:
>A book on Sorcery would be very nice. But I'm not sure how much can be
>done in the basic RQIV rules. All I know is that I don't want to see it
>biased towards anyone sorcery culture. I know many cultures will require
>some modifications to the rules to make them work right. BUt you
>shouldn't ahve to first remove the Malkioni rules and then add the
>Eastern sorcery rules, you should just be able to add the eastern part
>directly if you see what I mean.

Unfortunately I suspect we'll never really understand the nuances of Eastern Isles and Kralori sorcery until there is an essay/special pack that explains just how the sorcery rules interact with the divine magic rules in their culture. Otherwise there is the danger of hundreds of powerful sorcerers running around on each island frustrating the PC's.

I seem to be Malkioni-centric because I believe that the original RQ3 sorcery rules came from Malkioni roots - initially from Charlie Krank's Wizards of the West campaign. And not from the dwarves, or the Kralori, or the Eastern Isles. I reckon that the sorcery rules, in combination with the other two magic systems, have since been used to try and explain the unique Dragon magic of Kralorela, the magic of East Isles, Dwarven mechanics, and Carmanian Lunar magic. But I think the roots still lie with Malkionism, and that the sorcery rules alone still work best in a Malkioni environment.

I'm of the opinion that the example sect in the RQ4 book (because I admit that we can't have the Sects of Malkion book in RQ4) should be the White Wyzards of Seshnela. To me they are the closest to pure Malkionism, and so the pure sorcery rules work best for them.


Their atheism isn't liberating, in fact it is the opposite. They are the most conservative people in Glorantha - probably because they've got the most to lose if they change their ways. Their worship is based around archaic and inefficient rituals and laws that they dare not break for fear of mortality.
I therefore don't see them like I do unaligned sorcerers, since they are part of a large group that acts to all intents and purposes like a religious sect.

Boris and the Vadeli:

They are an off-shoot of the Brithini, originally a Brithini heresy. They are immortal as well. As to why everyone hates them I will not say. It is too horrific and disgusting for me to contemplate. You have sentenced me to nightmares tonight just by writing about it. Only Nick Brooke is depraved enough to be able to cope with the full knowledge - ask him.

"Enter Soulless and Gory" - I like it.

Joerg Baumgartner:
>Fonrit does have sorcery, but that seems to have been imported by the God
>Learners. After these were wiped out, their lesser disciples seem to have
>remained, and are now unaligned - sorry, David.

Don't apologise, just quote us your source!

>Well, there are the Mostal-worshipping humans of Slon who ought to be real

>fun to play. Then there's that dwarf band from ES some people might want
>to encounter. And Slon seems to be very large.

Wow! Real fun playing a slave. Are you into bondage? Ah hah, Slon only *seems* to be very large! ... I'm getting more pathetic, yes?

>Why exclude the Carmanians?

Because in my book they are not Malkioni. The rituals have been screwed around by the Red Goddess so that she now sits in the Invisible God's place. In the rituals you no longer just need faith, you can actually see the Goddess if you are lucky one holy day.

The Invisible God cannot exist side-by-side with the Red Goddess because she is supreme. Another source of power, or source of discontent, cannot be countenanced. The Red Goddess binds people to her by their worship of her, or their worship of other gods bound to her or her son. E.g. the Red Emperor binds the Dara Happans by being the the rightful Emperor of Dara Happa through his completion of the Ten Tests of Empire set down by Yelm.

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