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                        Chaotic Question

>Why aren't more chaotic sorcerers?
'Cause using sorcery involves the Laws of the universe,
something chaotic creatures might not be good at? Besides, a high degree of social development is needed to for a civilization to have magical specialists like sorcerers. A chaotic sorcerer is most likely a human who has gone bad, although there are definitely other possibilities.
                 Finula and Paul's Ogre Writeup

     I found your description of ogres disgusting both morally
and aesthetically. It has the common fannish flaw of describing a race, or cult, or secret society so superior that they should have long ago taken over the known universe. If it was actually published, however, I'd expect that it would sell well. Vampire The Masquerade has proved that there are lots of people who get there kicks taking on the role of "supermen" who prey on humanity.
                        Who are Sorcerers

> From Carl Fink: Um, David, *most* sorcery users on Glorantha
>are NOT Malkioni. The Dwarfs, Kralori, East Islanders, many
>Pamaltelans, and some trolls use sorcery, and have nothing to do
>with Malkion.

     Maybe he was confused by the Glorantha book, which states that "Aside form the dwarves and a few minor atheistic cultures, the Malkioni are the only practicing sorcerer culture in Glorantha." Given that sorcery IS used in other societies, this suggests that there is a real difference between merely having some sorcery around, and being a sorcerous society.

>This doesn't work in the West though, especially in Seshnela. I
>can't see why the Sorcerers continue to obey their Lords. Their
>magical powers are completely unrelated to their priesthoods,
>under the current sorcery rules (RQIII and the draft RQIV I
>can't see the Seshneli culture lasting beyond the ArchBishop of
>their church getting the Immortality spell. The first argument
>between him and the (magically useless) King will get you a dead
>King IMHO.

     Yeah, but what if the material component of the Gloranthan sorcerous immortality spell is the freely given blessing of the rightful king of your society? Or if some knights in magic proof unenchanted iron armor come to rid the king of a turbulent priest. In any event, I think there is a lot more going on in Malkioni societies than the taste we have had in the sorcery rules. You are right to say that we will need more information. I really doubt, for example, that the King of Seshnela is magically useless. Why do you think Jonat heroquested in Seshnela before founding his kingdom?

                        Oliver's Comments

> the sorcery rules should deal with the sorcerers one will meet
>in the developed regions. In order of likelihood, that would
>appear to be:
>1) Carmanians (occupying forces, settlers in Prax, Lunar Empire,

     Aren't they a Malkioni sect?

>2) Arkati (Muse Roost, Dagori Inkarth trolls, Shadowlands
>trolls, Holy Country)

        The Arkati trolls population of these areas is so negligeable that Arkat doesn't even rate a mention on their regional cult table in Troll Gods.

3) Unaligned sorcerers (occupying forces, Lunar Empire, Carmania)

     I'd like to third the motion that unaligned sorcerers are dumb. Especially if the unaligned sorcerers are allowed to join Lunar Cults. Want to see something gross? Take an unaligned sorcerer and enroll her in the Seven Mothers. Add illumination, and membership in the Cult of the Red Goddess. You now have a sorcerer who can cast divine magic (within the glowline) more effectively than any other priest, and whose Lunar magic allows her to cast spirit magic with far more power and flexibility than any mere shaman. If you make her an ogre as well, you'd have a real Red Moonchkin.

>4) Atheists (God Forgot, Orathorn in the Wastes)
>5) Kralori (Pavis, Kralorela)
>8) Invisible Orlanth (Carmania, Lunar Empire)

     Well, if you include the Manaria, all of the Lunar Empire, and Kralorela in the "developed regions" then your definition of developed regions seems to be "all of Genertela, except the West"

>Kralori traders visit Pavis regularly

     Why? Not enough dried fish or mock pork in Kralorela? Everyone knows that Kralorela produces the best of everything, what goods could they possibly want from the pitiable barbarians? And how do they get there? Kralorian merchants do sail regularly as far as Teshnos, but Corflu hardly seems likely to entice them further. Especially with those nasty Wolf Pirates off the coast. Crossing the wasteland in a slow merchant caravan would be suicidal, even diregarding the nomads who would as soon kill as look at you.

>Malkioni seem to have very little to do with this region.
>About the only Malkioni in the area might be the Trader Princes
>of theHoly Country, and they seem to come across more as Arkati
>than traditional Malkioni

     According to the Maniria description, Heortland "has many western influences" and the trader princes "practice Malkionism" Richard the Tiger-Hearted came from Tansior, leading "Malkioni Adventurers".

                         Nick on Sorcery

     Although it may seem unusual, I've agree with most of what
you've said lately about sorcery and the West. Just a few quibbles for old time's sake. I've seen the Rokari/Hrestoli split as a continuation of the first age Seshnelan conflict between the Linealists and Idealists, as opposed to a the result of an early third age "heresy/reformation". By the by, is there any primary source reason to believe that an actual "Rokar" existed. After all, the names of movements (or cities, ect) are not always based on those of Heros, even in Glorantha.
                           Tom Zunder

     I enjoyed reading the "Earth Priestess and the Earrings"

                       -Mark Sabalauskas


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