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> Both the Basmoli Berserks and the Agimori originated in Pamaltela and
> some have now wound up in Genertela. Of course they don't use sorcery
> so no one is interested in them!!!!!!!

  1. I know.
  2. Unless I have recently developed schizophrenia I haven't asked any questions on this list about Basmoli Beserks or the Agimori with regard to sorcery. Probably a From: line has been deleted somewhere. I suspect your comment should be directed to someone else.

 Re: Stuff on Ogres: nice to see a bit of background. I'm not sure the thing about brain chemistry is needed though. All you have to say is "they are under a curse from Wakboth". The brain chemistry stuff would be good for a non-gloranthan setting.

 Why didn't AH want to print it? The only reason I can think of is that Ogres are a fairly minor race, and they have a limited editorial staff. There are a lot of more important things to cover. Try re-submitting it after some of the civilized areas (like the Lunar Empire) have been covered, or try TOTRM to see if they want to print the background.

 Trollpak is a bit like that: we know more about trolls than almost any other culture on Glorantha. My conclusion was that I didn't really like trolls, and wouldn't really want PC trolls in any party I GMed. I'm not sure we really needed Trollpak while there was so much we didn't know about Sartar, the Lunars, the West, the Holy Country...

 That said, it's always nice to know some more about enemy species. I take it that Ogres won't eat Brithini, thought I doubt they like each other. Perhaps Zzabur has cast spells that keep ogres out of Brithini lands, or Brithini sorcerers have spells like "Detect Ogre", "Repel Ogre" and "Instantly Kill Ogre"...

 Interesting that their myths say that Zzabur runs the Brithini. I've always wondered whether he takes any orders, or just gives them, and if the Brithini immortality is just a spell he worked to keep his relatives alive.

 Re: the Malkioni. Some have questioned whether we need to know that much about them. I think we do, mainly because the three main cultures of western Genertela are Orlanthi, Lunar and Malkionist. Once these three cultures and religions are described everywhere west of Prax is covered: the Genertela pack gives us geography and history, we just need longer write-ups of the religions and cultures, and we have enough to play anywhere.

 All of this IMHO, of course.  

 Graeme Lindsell a.k.a

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