Sorcery (yawn!)

Date: Wed 16 Jun 1993 - 13:42:56 EEST

Sorcery (yawn!)

The level of debate on this thorny topic indicates to me that nobody's going to be satisfied whatever the Gang of Six do with the new sorcery rules in RQ4. (By the way, Gang of 6? - I thought it was a Gang of 4, later 5: why not go for broke and make it a Gang of Seven, then we can all try to work out who the Ginna Jar/She Who Waits member is).

RQ4 is supposed to be coming out mid-next year and there are lots of other issues and problems in it that also need ironing out (the fact that many playtesters have found the combat rules overly mechanistic for one). Is there time to get the rest of RQ4 right, *and* resolve the problems with sorcery satisfactorily as well? 12 months (probably less) is not a long time to accomplish all this, so I doubt it...

This isn't the first time I have made the suggestion, but I think that the sorcery rules should be completely dropped from the RQ4 book. Sorcery rules cannot be successfully presented without their social

context, as the RQ3 experience shows, and to do the social context 
justice, more space than the RQ4 book could permit would be needed.  
In fact, what is needed is a seperate "Sorcery Book", where the topic 
can be covered comprehensively and at leisure. The argument of whether to cover the Malkioni to the exclusion of the Kralori wouldn't apply, as we could cover 'em all in this book.

I am not suggesting that the Gang of 4/5/6/7 drop their work on sorcery, merely that there need not be the imperative to get everything right about it in the short time before they must present their final RQ4 draft. The RQ4 book need only have a small boxed section at the end of the magic chapter that mentions sorcery and where it is used in very general terms, and announcing the impending publication of the sorcery supplement. Players new to RQ won't feel hard done by, as they'll have the rest of the RQ-Glorantha rules to go wild about (remember when you bought your first copy of RQ2, and it had enough in its 120 pages to keep you going for months or even *years*?). And us hardened RuneQuesters won't be too put out either, as at least we'll know that a pig's ear won't be made of the sorcery rules (again) in an effort to meet the publication deadline of RQ4.

Joerg B. writes:
>>...But we got to have some sorcery in the basic RQ4 rules, else
>>AH would copy TSR politics. We all like that compan, do we?

I don't get what you're on about here?

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