RuneQuest Daily, Tue, 15

From: Carl Fink (carlf@Panix.Com)
Date: Tue 15 Jun 1993 - 14:43:45 EEST

To: Subject: keeps going and going and going . . . . writes:

R>     Maybe he was confused by the Glorantha book, which states

>that "Aside form the dwarves and a few minor atheistic cultures,
>the Malkioni are the only practicing sorcerer culture in
>Glorantha." Given that sorcery IS used in other societies, this
>suggests that there is a real difference between merely having
>some sorcery around, and being a sorcerous society.

  Yes, good point. While Eastern society is full of sorcerors, it isn't built around sorcerors/sorcery the way Malkioni culture is.

  It is once more suggested that we leave sorcery out of the basic rules. This violates the First Commandment we set up when we started out: Thou Shalt Not Ruin Existing Characters. That is, it would become impossible to keep running existing sorcerors.     

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