Hell and Back

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri 18 Jun 1993 - 01:28:57 EEST

Carl said:

> ... the proximity of Brithini settlements is not relevant, because
> Ethilrist didn't come from anywhere near Muse Roost. He *exited*
> Hell there, but he entered somewhere else - Jrustela for all I know.

Um, no <g>. The Red Emperor gave him Black Horse County because it was a horrible piece of land he didn't want to rule himself but needed a steady man to hold. He's done it before, on another irritating frontier...

Source: History of the Lunar Empire, First Wane, WF#11, p.19: "The Char-Un legends state that their Kahn, Panishi, was cheated in a game by the Red Emperor, and robbed of his inheritance. When Panishi complained, and proved his complaint, the Emperor compensated him with 'more land than you came from, more richness than your spirits could count.' The Hero accepted, then learned that the Emperor had given him the realm of Erigia (the Emperor later used this method to rid himself of Ethilrist). Erigia was, at that time, a dense conifer forest..."

So I'm not *sure* the only available evidence shows that Ethilrist exited Hell there. He just ended up there after being swindled by Moonson, up whose nose he had (typically) got. Fits with our picture of Black Horse County as predominantly a desolate wasteland, from which you can hear the baying of a gigantic Hound... (admittedly this theory was inspired by its being coloured grey on the Dragon Pass map!).

Of course, if you know more, please Illuminate us.

BTW, Ethilrist *does* look just like Alan Rickman as the Sherriff of Nottingham, doesn't he? Muse Roost must be covered with frescoes like the Hell scenes from a Renaissance Last Judgement, painted by the men who've been there and seen it happening. And you can always hear "Carmina Burana" playing in the background when the Black Horse Troop ride out amid the night and fog...

Wadsley Chipmunk (?) said:

> ... a 10 intensity, 8 duration ( roughly 1 day I think ) spell
> is at the limit

Unless you use matrices with built-in manipulation, like any gross INT 18 Sorcerer would under RQ3 (cf. Griffin Island for a good reason to avoid backward compatibility).

If RQ4 has a long-lasting Sorcery Duration table, it will be rounded off to produce sensible lengths of time ("one week", "one season", "one year"), rather than meaningless multiples of 10 minutes times two to the Nth power ("327680 minutes = 32 weeks+"), won't it? Of course it will! The Gang of "X" aren't fools, you know!?


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