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Re: the debate over sorcery in RQ4:

>> From: (Curtis Shenton)
>> Subject: Sorcery, God Learners, and Lunars
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>> > Subject: Sorcery (yawn!)
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>> > This isn't the first time I have made the suggestion, but I think that
>> > the sorcery rules should be completely dropped from the RQ4 book.
>> > Sorcery rules cannot be successfully presented without their social
>> > context, as the RQ3 experience shows, and to do the social context
>> I hate this idea! Heck while we're at it why not drop divine and spirit
>> magic too since we can't really do them justice in the space provided? I

No offense, Curtis, but that seems like a pretty juvenile argument.

The current Avalon Hill area of interest seems to be Prax, Dragon Pass and hopefully north from there (to the horribly underdeveloped Lunars). There may be a few sorcerors in that region, but there are hundreds of thousands of spirit magic users, and thousands of divine magic users in this region.

I agree with that area of interest. I have never played in the West, nor the East. I have never been in a Gloranthan game involving a sorceror. I do not care about compatibility with exceedingly forgettable AH supplements which contain sorcerors.

>> think a later supplement is a great idea. In fact I'd like to see a
>> Sorceror's Pack(first since we know the least about them), and then a
>> Shaman's Pack and a Priest's Pack. But I think RQIV has to have core

I aggree that there should be a whole pile of stuff about the West. The key point is LATER. If RQ4 is another chop job, then there won't be a "later". Spirit Magic and Divine Magic are almost universal. Lunar magic should be expanded and expounded upon, because of its centrality, before the laundry list of the many more esoteric sorcery magic shools are covered.

Personally I think that each major sorcery school should have it's own rules. Bollocks to the unified field theory. If it doesn't fit everywhere, don't put it in the core rules!

Lost attribution to this:

>> I posted a suggestion to Oliver Jovanovic a while back asking if, given
>> that RQ4 is meant to focus on Dragon Pass + Prax + Holy Country + Lunar
>> Empire (and apparently *NOT* the West, which the Gang of "X" seem to have
>> taken against), it made any sense to have Sorcery in the rules. I
>> suggested replacing it with an expanded and improved description of Lunar
>> Magic -- covering the stuff they teach in the various sororities of the
>> Lunar Colleges, plus bits on Illumination, Cycles, Glowlines, etc. And
>> examples of that old Battlefield Magic that RQ players have been wanting
>> since the year dot. That would undeniably be more interesting and useful
>> than a soulless rehash of Sorcery, and the Lunars can be found in strength
>> in all the areas beneath the RQ4 umbrella.

I agree with this viewpoint wholeheartedly.

A survey question:
What do you want, and in what order, from AH?

My list:

  1. Lunar Pack
  2. Prax Pack ( the nomad tribes, not just the Zola Fel area )
  3. Holy Country Pack
  4. Sartar/Dragon Pass Pack
  5. Pent Pack

I did not include RQ4 rules, as I'm referring more to areas of development. As for Cults, release them with the appropriate background/scenario pack (a la River of Cradles). Later, release a mondo cult anthology. Later = when the game has become popular and stable enough.

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