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        Someone was asking about Teshnan culture. When Genertela came out, I wrote up the cult of Calyz for our campaign in the hopes of seducing the players away from the Sartar-Ralios axis (my first attempt, a MALE Gorgorma expatriate from Kralorlea (sp?) seeking revenge on a wicked warlord, didn't entice them). This write-up has never been playtested; I'd appreciate hearing about any fallout from my efforts.  

	Calyz is the eldest son of Somash, the Teshnan sun deity.  It was
Calyz who persuaded Somash to share the Fire of Life with all men. In Godtime, when Somash departed from the sky and plunged the world into the Greater Darkness, Calyz sheltered men with bonfires and taught the arts of cooking and smelting. When Lord Somash returned and the world entered into the Great Compromise of Time, Calyz instructed his followers to celebrate the renewal of the world by engaging in the art of sex.  

        Calyz is widely regarded as the Friend of Men and is very popular with the common people. He is the god of cooks blacksmiths, and courtesans, but in truth he loves all laborers and artisans (except warriors and poets, who are represented by Somash). High Holy Days are celebrated with great feasts and carnivals, marked by hundreds of bonfires which illuminate the night (representing Fire's victory over Darkness). Such festivals are full of music, dancing and joy, as opposed to the drunken orgies associated with the worship of Solf.  

        Calyz is associated with the runes of Fire and Life.  

        INITIATE MEMBERSHIP           Initiation is open to all humans of Kralori stock and to Yellow Elves. All others wishing to join must first convince the examiners of their sincerity ((POW+APP+(pennies donated/100)) or less on 1D100). Initiation requirements thereafter are standard. Trolls and creatures of Chaos are forbidden to join.  

        Skills -- Craft [food], any other Craft, First Aid, World Lore, Speak Own Language  

        Spirit Magic -- Befuddle, Farsee, Healing, Ignite, Protection, Repair, Vigor  

        FLAME OF LIFE subcult  

        This sect preaches that life must be lived fully. Every experience must be sought, lands visited, people met. The great festivals of Calyz are organized by this sect, providing musicians and dancers. The Flame of Life subcult also provides the majority of missionaries for Calyz.  

        NOTE: The rebel priest Harstar is a member of this sect, and consequently the Flame of Life has fallen into disfavor with the Teshnan theocracy. The people still support the sect, however.  

        Wandering Flames (acolytes)  

        These are the principle missionaries of the Flame of Life sect, travelling abroad, spreading the word of the Flame and gathering information. A candidate for Wandering Flame must have been an initiate in good standing of Calyz for a year and must have 50% in three of the following skills: Ride, any Knowledge skill, Speak Own Language, Play Instrument, Scan. He must also pass the Test of Holiness (POW*3 or less on 1D100), and pay 1000 pennies each time he takes the test. A Wandering Flame must give 10% of his time and 50% of his income to the cult, and may sacrifice for reusable divine magic.  

        Worldly Flames (priests)  

        These are the wise philosophers who teach the Secrets of the Living Flame to all men. They teach by example that the life that is not full is not worth living. A candidate for Worldly Flame must have been a Wandering Flame for at least five years, have at least ten points of divine magic, have a Human Lore and World Lore of at least 90%, and must not be a virgin. A Worldly Flame must give 50% of his time and 90% of his income to the cult.  

        Common Divine Magic: all  

        Special Divine Magic: Command Salamander, Festival of Calyz, Living Flame, Restore Health [CON]  

        HEARTH FIRE subcult  

        This is the aspect of Calyz that promotes industry and domestic prosperity. The emphasis is on practicality and survival needs. The great masters of cooking and smelting are of this sect, as are the majority of spell-teaching priests.  

        NOTE: The Harstar heresy has forced the leaders of this sect to side with the Vessel of Light. The Hearth Fire subcult is quietly divided between the opportunists who denounce Harstar and those who prefer the unity between sects of the original Calyz priesthood.  

        Keepers of the Providing Fire (acolytes)  

        These are the teachers of Calyz, instructing all men inthe skills necessary to prosper. All trade guilds have Keepers of the Providing Fire on their staffs, as do many large households. A candidate for Keeper of the Providing Fire must have been an initiate in good standing of Calyz for at least a year and must have 50% in three of the following skills: Throw, any Knowledge skill, Devise, Speak Own Language, Search. He must also pass the Test of Holiness and pay 1000 pennies each time he takes the test. A Keeper of the Providing Fire must give 50% of his time and 10% of his income to the cult, and may sacrifice for reusable divine magic.  

        Keepers of the Protecting Fire (priests)  

        It is the ultimate responsibility of these individuals to insure the prosperity and security of their community. While they do not lead armies against invaders, the Keepers of the Protecting Fire seek to prevent civil violence, famine, disease, poverty and spiritual misery. A candidate for Keeper of the Protecting Fire must have been a Keeper of the Providing Fire for at least five years, have ten points of divine magic, have 90% skill in two of the following: Animal Lore, Plant Lore, Shiphandling, any Craft. A Keeper of the Protecting Fire must also raise a family, and donate 90% of his time and 50% of his income to his cult.  

        Common Divine Magic: all  

        Special Divine Magic: Bless Crops, Command Salamander, Suppress Shadow, Training [skill]  


	Festival of Calyz		1 point
	ritual Ceremony spell, stackable, reusable
	This spell creates an invisible protected zone identical to
Warding 1 in most respects. The priest must use 1 meter staves carved with likenesses of Calyz to define the boundaries of the zone, which must be set alight before the spell is cast but are not consumed by the fire. Within the zone, all are overcome by feelings of festivity. All food consumed in the zone will be particularly nourishing and satisfying, all music and dancing will be engaging and entertaining, and all communication and personal interaction will be enjoyable and fruitful. Anyone entering the zone with hostile intent or otherwise unreceptive to celebration must resist the MP of the caster with their own MP or be overwhelmed by the festive atmosphere and forget all other purposes.

        Each point stacked with this spell either increases the area of the spell by 81 square meters or adds 1D3 to the caster's MP for purposes of overcoming potential party-wreckers.  

	Living Flame		5 points
	ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
	This spell transforms the target into the shape taken by Calyz
during the Greater Darkness. It is primarily a defensive option, but it is often used by missionaries to impress skeptics. The spell has a number of effects. First, the target's body, clothing, and equipment burst into flame, although they are unharmed. Contact with the target inflicts 1D6 damage, although the caster (not necessarily the target) my suspend this effect at will. Furthermore, the target will be at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the environment. Second, a Shield 2 takes effect. Third, the target's STR, CON, DEX, and APP are all increased by 5 points for the duration of the spell. Finally, if the spell was cast within the boundaries of a Festival of Calyz spell, the target's voice is heard ten times farther away, and all who hear it must resist the caster's MP or be forced to stop what he or she is doing and listen to the target, whose Orate skill is doubled for the duration of the spell.

        This spell will not work underwater, but will work in rain or snow.  

	Suppress Shadow			3 points
	ranged, temporal, stackable, reusable
	This spell creates a sphere 2m in radius centered on any specified
spot within range, not necessarily around the caster. Inside the area is a Light spell. If anyone initiated into a Darkness rune-based cult tries to cross the borders of the spell, they automatically take 2D6 damage directly to a random body location, ignoring armor. The sphere's boundary also acts as a four-point Countermagic against spells cast by initiates or priests of Darkness rune-based cults. This spell may be cast to encircle a member of such a cult, and thus restrict his movements.

        If, when the spell is cast, its boundary crosses a potential target, that target is unharmed by the spell and can move to either side of the boundary. If he attempts to cross the boundary in a later round, he is then affected.

        Each additional use of this spell stacked together increases the damage done by 2D6 and the Countermagic by four points.  

	Training [skill]		1 point
	ritual Ceremony spell, stackable, reusable
	Each spell in this array is usable only with a specific skill. 
Thus there exists Training Animal Lore, Training Craft Food, Training Craft Bronze, and so forth.

        This spell is used to enhance skill training. The instructor casts the ritual on himself and his students. It must be cast for each period that yields a skill increase roll. Each point stacked with the spell adds one percentile to the chance of a successful increase and one percentile to the skill increase should it in fact succeed. The spell affects all students being trained.  

        ASSOCIATE CULTS           Dendara: provides Bless Home to the Hearth Fire subcult  

	Solf (Lodril): provides Enhance Gustbran to the Flame of Life subcult
                       provides Enhance Mahome to the Hearth Fire subcult
	Somash (Yelm): provides Bless Worshippers to the Hearth Fire subcult
                       provided Command Griffin to the Flame of Life subcult
	Uleria:  provides Erotocomatose Lucidity to the Flame of Life subcult

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