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Date: Fri 19 Nov 1993 - 01:45:37 EET

>From: (Joerg Baumgartner)
>Do you want ready to run scenarios, or just cameos, which can easily be
>fitted into any ongoing campaign? The latter we have seen in reasonable
>amounts e.g. in Elder Secrets - not terribly original, but working.

I vote for cameos, but more like those in Griffin Mountain, i.e. cameos attached to NPCs who have stats so they can be used quickly.

The whole purpose of buying scenarios is to save effort. Sometimes you save creative effort. Sometimes you save the effort of creating stats. If the scenario costs more effort than it saves (in having to change the setting, or go through contortions to get a typical adventuring party to run it, it's not a worthwhile scenario, no matter how clever.

Sandy said:
>For what it's worth, there's cloud cover around the Block whenever
>the Storm Bulls gather there. Perhaps this makes it harder to see?

I was under the impression that Storm Bulls always guarded the Block (to make sure nobody tried chipping away bits of Truestone)?

Prax questions:
1. How hated _are_ horses? (Would a band of Praxians attack someone just because he rode a horse?)
2. If Praxians see someone riding their herd animal, do they automatically assume it was stolen?
3. Are there procedures for friendly meetings (as you recently described for the Doraddi, and the Orlanthi also have)? 4. What keeps Praxians in Prax? Is it the Guardian Hills? (The Six Sisters, seen in Troll Realms, are supposed to contain wards set up by the Grazers... But they don't seem to have stopped Argrath's allies, or the raids on Tarsh during the interregnum.) Is it the inhabitants? I imagine that Sartar is more fertile and full of good grazing, and the Praxians would want to use it.

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