shield design

From: Newton Hughes (
Date: Sat 20 Nov 1993 - 22:11:20 EET

John Medway asked for shield design ideas. Do you know what a triskelos is? It was commonly used on Greek shields, you can see it in vase paintings (the archeology museum in town here has an original). It is basically a mobility rune, with the spiral arms taking the form of legs, ending in sandaled feet and the thighs meeting at the center.

Boggles: a Boggle is a disorder spirit. Beyond that all I know is (others') apparently unofficial speculations. There apparently is a strong resemblance to Toon characters.

Prax questions: I would like to know more about Tada (beyond the info published in Griffin Mtn). Also, how big is his tumulus (to re- iterate David Dunham's question)? Artifacts of Tada's are carried around by Praxian shamans and priests; what's the relationship?

About Jaldon Toothmaker: He was born in a bison rider's tent, accord- ing to the Pavis book. What's he doing riding a horse (albeit skeletal) and leading Pol-Joni in Dragon Pass?

I'd like to know more about the Rubble, while you're taking questions. A lot of stuff there has just enough description to be baffling, not enough to be useful.

While reading the Aeneid I came across a reference to a Horn Gate, which Aeneas used to get out of the Underworld. Any resemblance to the Gloranthan Horn Gate?


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