Prax Questions

Date: Sun 21 Nov 1993 - 23:08:15 EET

>1. How hated _are_ horses? (Would a band of Praxians attack someone just
>because he rode a horse?)

Yes! (Unless there's more of you than them, you're under the walls of Pavis, or whatever)

2. If Praxians see someone riding their herd animal, do they automatically assume it was stolen?

The Bison Tribe believe that all bison in the world belong to them as a natural right, which gives them free reign to take bison from anyone. Of course, just like the above question, it all depends on numbers and the situation. A band of bison riders might ask for a "present" in return for letting you use one of their bison, if they are otherwise well-disposed to you.

>4. What keeps Praxians in Prax? Is it the Guardian Hills? (The Six Sisters,
>seen in Troll Realms, are supposed to contain wards set up by the
>Grazers... But they don't seem to have stopped Argrath's allies, or the
>raids on Tarsh during the interregnum.) Is it the inhabitants? I imagine
>that Sartar is more fertile and full of good grazing, and the Praxians
>would want to use it.

The Praxian plains and the wastes (once you get past Vulture's Country) contain sufficient grazing for the tribes. There would be two reasons why the Praxians don't move into Sartar/Dragon Pass. First, the terrain and climate does not suit their nomadic way of life, and second, it's better just to ride in and out of place on periodic raids, taking stuff you can't get in Prax (ie. metals, luxury goods) than trying to take over the place permanently. Jaldon Toothmaker occasionally appears to lead the Praxians in to Dragon Pass on great raids, but they are not mass migrations. A mass migration might take place if something happens to the nomads in their homeland (just like the various barbarian movements in the dark ages), but the nomads seem more likely to move east into the unpopulated Wastes than try to crack the tough nut that is Sartar.

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