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G. Fried in X-RQ-ID: 2325
>> - Once combat was engaged, it was VERY difficult to perform any maneuvers
>> with a hoplite phalanx. The general's role and skill would come into play
>> only before the troops met toe to toe.

The maneuver and tactics are quite intricate, actually. Crush or be crushed. <g>

>> - Pushing was very important. (And so those shield push games among the
>> Yelmalions are very apposite.) The idea seems to be that the first rank

cf. Nick's very appropriate scrum comments.

>> tries to wound and/or knock over the opponents, allowing the whole phalanx to
>> rush forward. It is then the job of the back ranks to finish off the downed
>> foes. A very specific technology evolved for this purpose: the butt-spike.

if trampling didn't already do enough.

Phalanx Shields:
>> What all this implies for RQ, I'm not sure, except that the rules
>> developed for individual combat must become irrelevant in certain
>> massed combat situations -- realism would not be served by having
>> every member of a phalanx roll his Attack and Parry %. Also, a really

Attack maybe, parry, no way. The shields were meant to be used as a wall, and as plows, not for knocking aside single blows.

RQ Shields:
G. Fried in X-RQ-ID: 2367
>> The trad-off for using the shield as I described is that you cannot parry
>> blows aimed at on landing on areas not covered by the shield. The shield
>> just counts as extra armor for those areas covered, provided you make a

I'd prefer a more GURPS-like mechanic, here. In GURPS, a shield adds "passive defense" to several locations, automatically. It is also usable for blocking blows. The problem with RQ armor *and shields* is that the system only takes penetration resistance into account, not deflection ability.

Nick Brooke in X-RQ-ID: 2329
>> because of the wider territories claimed by city-states in the late Archaic
>> and early Classical periods (meaning the army needs to march further, thus
>> carry less weight)? From Victor Davis Hanson:
>> ...
>> : authors have been reluctant to discuss the disadvantages of hoplite
>> : arms and armour, but they were many. Heavy, uncomfortable, unbearably
>> : hot, the panoply was especially poorly suited for the Mediterranean

This is also part of the reason the open-faced helm, and helms with hinged cheek pieces replaced the more closed single-piece ones. Armor left the legs and arms first, then the vital areas where greater mobility was a must.

Remember also that much of the role of the leg armor was to ward off missiles, a task easily accomplished by a cloth hung from the bottom of the shield.

>> : been poorly trained, and the scythe-wheeled chariots were a complete
>> : fiasco, provoking the Romans to open laughter and ironical applause.

This is a lovely image. You often don't think of how the troops feel in a battle ( other than good morale, bad morale, routed, etc. ).

Joerg Baumgartner in X-RQ-ID: 2356
>> Whitewall had fallen when Fazzur was relieved from the command, and the
>> Cradle incident cost Sor-eel's post, not Fazzur's.

But, as Sandy pointed out, Sor-Eel was one of Fazzur's cronies and supporters. Though, as you pointed out, previous complaining may have cost Fazzur.

>> [...] The emperor was especially disapointed by events in Kethaela,
>> which ruined one of his parties. The command sought a scapegoat, and
>> Fazzur was relieved from his command."

Apparently Tatius and his cronies offered Fazzur up as a sacrifice, got him cashiered, and took over. They got it in the end, though.

>> So it was Euglyptus the Fat who was tricked by the Pharaoh's (exotic,
>> in DP terms) magic.

Looks like.

Nick Brooke in X-RQ-ID: 2378
>> 50 x 2 (bright/dark Lunar balance) x 10 (residual DH influence) = 1000.

Makes the accounting easier, as well. A legion is a legion is a ...

>> Tarshite unit -- as you'd expect, Heartland officers often abbreviate and
>> refer to their Native allies as "'shite troops".

Are you sure about that 'e'?

>> BTW, Chris Gidlow brought round a copy of Chaosium's Credo! yesterday, and
>> it looks absolutely beautiful! I am delighted with the production effort
>> that went into making this version of the game, and have high hopes that it
>> will be appropriately recognised by the vast gaming public out there...
>> (Hint: This Means You)

XO@#! I've been buggin the hell out of a couple of local stores for them to call me as soon as it gets in. Dead silence as yet. Grrr.

Sandy Petersen in X-RQ-ID: 2359
>> Note that, according to DP, if the Bat is killed the Emperor has to
>> go through a lengthy (year-long?) ritual to recover it. So it's not
>> much of a victory. I suggest that your PCs instead devote their

Requiring a year to replace, and probably requiring a fair portion of the Emperor's time during that year is "not much of a victory"?

I'd say it would get his attention pretty effectively, of course, your other suggestions (re: killing cult members) would cause much greater harm, and would be *possible*.

Nick Brooke in X-RQ-ID: 2370
>> Geoff Gunner mourns his Wyrm:
>> > I'll get that bugger Halgrim yet, just see if I don't ...
>> Two words in your ear: "Grendel's Mother". There's something even nastier,
>> even more malevolent out there -- and she's *really* pissed at Halgrim.

A couple of questions:
1. Are Wyrms not degenerate forms of Dragon(newt)s? Could he not "come back"? 2. Can Dragonewts & Co. call for Divine Intervention?

Sandy Petersen in X-RQ-ID: 2326
>> Also Malia initiates, as a member of a "Dangerous" cult, must be
>> licensed. This also applies to other dangerous cults such as Humakt
>> and Issaries (the former because their members can have geases
>> forcing them to distrust certain races or cults; the latter because

Would Yelmalions have to get licenses as well?

>> I know for a fact that there is at least one Lunar dynasty of nobles
>> who traditionally train bisons to ride. However, they're good Lunars,
>> and only the Irrippi Ontor sages in town know why that dynasty has
>> that custom. I'm sure there are other traces of such activity.

Which town/city?

>> Peter Michaels sez:
>> > please do tell why Praxpack is probably-not-going-to-be-published.
>> Maybe it WILL be published. It's just that I haven't heard any word
>> on it for a long time. I.e., have not received back the manuscript so
>> I can finish it up, stuff like that. I guess I just assumed AH had
>> lost interest in it. Myself, I'd love to see it in print.

This ought to be on someone's list of things to publish. If not Avalon Hill's, then maybe Reaching Moon Megacorp or RQ Adventures should consider it.

Clark Hobbie-x7513 in X-RQ-ID: 2363
>> I am looking for comments from other people's experience: have you
>> found it difficult to find RQ stuff. If yes have you talked to store

Store owners don't stock it, or don't stock it in a particularly sell-able way ( i.e. tucked in the back, spines out, underneath Mythus, ... ).

This seems too have changed a very little since the new stuff has come out. Special orders come through as rapidly as anything eelse, so it doesn't seem that the problem lies with the distributors.

Colin Watson in X-RQ-ID: 2371
>> nice in a sourcebook. Ah, a sourcebook for each cult... I'll keep dreaming.

I'd take a sourcebook for each pantheon, or each culture, or anything...

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