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(Nick Brooke) Re: Mythic Military

> John Medway asked:
>>> rounding it after reaching the 7x7 basic 'platoon':
>>> add one officer, and you can start counting in fifties.
>>> Lunar culture is still very Dara Happan 

>> But what mythic significance translates the units of >> 50 into 1000 (or thereabouts)?

> 50 x 2 (bright/dark Lunar balance) x 10 (residual DH
> influence) = 1000.

> This would mean that each 50-man platoon was paired with
> another for what-ever reasons spring to mind...

In Sun County, which I just picked up, states on page 45:

"Templar units are organized into 64-man units called 'squares' or 'sixty-fours' like the Lunar armies."

This quote implies that the Lunar Army uses 64 man units. Is there any particular reason to create a different model for the Lunar Army?
A related question, since the Sun Dome Temple organization seems based on (similar to) the Macedonian phalanx organization of

file = 16 men
4 files = platoons of 64 men (tetrarchia/Tetrarch)

it seems that this similarity would carry on to larger units.

2 platoons = company of 128 men (taxiarchia/Taxiarch) 2 companies = big company of 256 men (sytagma/Sytagmatarch) 4 of these = regiment of 1024 men (chiliarchia/Chiliarch) 4 regiments = phalanx of 4096 men

(Macedonian unit name/commander's rank in parentheses.)

Seems like the regiment (chiliarchia) is the right size for a Dragon Pass game Lunar regiment. If the Sun County Templar organization is typical of traditional Yelmic military i.e. Dara Happan organization, perhaps the Lunar Army (with its Dara Happan influence) has this same organization. The military mind is typically very traditional and its hard to see a change in the army structure just to get a seven in the TOE. If the army structure is working (i.e. Dara Happan style hopolites) why mess with it?

> I reiterate my question of a few days ago: does anyone
> know how living near (rich, fertile) Peloria has changed
> the Sable Tribe of the Hungry Plateau? Especially since
> they became rulers of Kostaddi and took over the City of
> Two Towers.

Maybe they have become dichotomous. Wealthy, decadent rulers inundated with the luxuries of empire ruling from the City of Two Towers while they maintain a core of tough, hardened warrior/herders on top of the Hungry Plateau. The HPers serve as soldiers acquiring wages to send home (from which the ruling nobility takes a healthy cut, oops just taxes). The Kostaddi rulers may use the HPers as a sort of Praetorian guard (actually maybe more of a Varangian guard) to maintain their control of the lowland farmland.

The rulers control the HPers through two means: 1) by the use of bribes, I mean gifts, to the HP clan chiefs consisting of the usual gold, jewelry, et al along with arms, armor, and foodstuffs.
2) by controlling the strategic location of Two Towers they have a lock on trade and can shut off the transport of food which the HPers population has grown to need.

All this is merely speculation on my part and has no imprimature.

A related question. Not having the TotRM article on Humakt (see whine below), I was paging through my copy of Cult of Prax and I came across:

: The Humakti (as they are called) have a rigid intra-temple structure.
: They are organized along military lines with the Rune Lord or High
: Priest called Captain, and ten Priests or Lords called Centurions,
: each Centurion has up to ten Initiates or Lay Members called sergeants. 

Question: Whose military lines does this derive from. It sounds much more organized than traditional Orlanthi culture. Is it a relic of the EWF or a localized Pavic construct? Is this apparently tens based structure the basis for a Lunar decimal army (via Yanafal Tarnils)? It doesn't seem to me to be very feudal/knightly so I don't know if it fits with Carmanian Humakt/Yanafal Tarnils worship.

Nick also mentioned an article in TotRM and said:

> I hope we can find some way to reprint it one of these days...

YES! YES! YES! I have just sent off my check for a subscription but I am told that virtually all the back issues are unavailable. This must be fixed. How can Gloranthan addicts who did not know to subscribe early enough catch up. Must we be cursed to remain in unenlightened ignorance?

[Hysterical Nick Brooke convert to TotRM mode off.]

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