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Nomads Abroad
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>>1. How hated _are_ horses? (Would a band of Praxians attack someone just
>>because he rode a horse?)

>Yes! (Unless there's more of you than them, you're under the walls of
>Pavis, or whatever)

They'd do this to anyone not riding a mule, a zebra, or one of their own mounts, if the odds are good, you mean? (To the above mentioned they'd talk first, attack then...)

>>2. If Praxians see someone riding their herd animal, do they automatically
>>assume it was stolen?

>The Bison Tribe believe that all bison in the world belong to them as
>a natural right, which gives them free reign to take bison from anyone.
>Of course, just like the above question, it all depends on numbers and
>the situation. A band of bison riders might ask for a "present" in
>return for letting you use one of their bison, if they are otherwise
>well-disposed to you.

Would be interesting to have one of those bison-riding Lunar nobles Sandy mentions visit Prax...

>>4. What keeps Praxians in Prax? Is it the Guardian Hills? (The Six Sisters,
>>seen in Troll Realms, are supposed to contain wards set up by the
>>Grazers... But they don't seem to have stopped Argrath's allies, or the
>>raids on Tarsh during the interregnum.) Is it the inhabitants? I imagine
>>that Sartar is more fertile and full of good grazing, and the Praxians
>>would want to use it.

>The Praxian plains and the wastes (once you get past Vulture's Country)
>contain sufficient grazing for the tribes. There would be two reasons
>why the Praxians don't move into Sartar/Dragon Pass. First, the terrain
>and climate does not suit their nomadic way of life, and second, it's better
>just to ride in and out of place on periodic raids, taking stuff you
>can't get in Prax (ie. metals, luxury goods) than trying to take over
>the place permanently. Jaldon Toothmaker occasionally appears to lead the
>Praxians in to Dragon Pass on great raids, but they are not mass migrations.
>A mass migration might take place if something happens to the nomads in
>their homeland (just like the various barbarian movements in
>the dark ages), but the nomads seem more likely to move east into the
>unpopulated Wastes than try to crack the tough nut that is Sartar.

Traditionalism keeps most in Prax. Those not so tradition bound do not hestitate to settle elsewhere, as did a lot of Praxians in Peloria after the Gbaji-Wars. These were land grants, though, issued by Arkat. If anyone is ging to grant a Praxian tribe lordship over some native farmer folk, I'd bet that about 80% of that tribe would accept - this is not different from how they trade the oasis folk, only the oasises (sp?) are bigger, and wealthier.

>Sandy Petersen in X-RQ-ID: 2326
>> I know for a fact that there is at least one Lunar dynasty of nobles
>> who traditionally train bisons to ride. However, they're good Lunars,
>> and only the Irrippi Ontor sages in town know why that dynasty has
>> that custom. I'm sure there are other traces of such activity.

>Which town/city?

And does anybody have information about more Lunar settlements than those shown in Genertela Book? Dara Happa must be full of smaller cities, and Peloria will have its share, too.

Mark Sullivan in X-RQ-ID: 2388
>> I reiterate my question of a few days ago: does anyone
>> know how living near (rich, fertile) Peloria has changed
>> the Sable Tribe of the Hungry Plateau? Especially since
>> they became rulers of Kostaddi and took over the City of
>> Two Towers.

>Maybe they have become dichotomous. Wealthy, decadent rulers
>inundated with the luxuries of empire ruling from the City
>of Two Towers while they maintain a core of tough, hardened
>warrior/herders on top of the Hungry Plateau. The HPers serve
>as soldiers acquiring wages to send home (from which the ruling
>nobility takes a healthy cut, oops just taxes). The Kostaddi
>rulers may use the HPers as a sort of Praetorian guard (actually
>maybe more of a Varangian guard) to maintain their control of
>the lowland farmland.

>The rulers control the HPers through two means:
>1) by the use of bribes, I mean gifts, to the HP clan chiefs
>consisting of the usual gold, jewelry, et al along with
>arms, armor, and foodstuffs.
>2) by controlling the strategic location of Two Towers they
>have a lock on trade and can shut off the transport of food
>which the HPers population has grown to need.

>All this is merely speculation on my part and has no imprimature.

Some more speculation:
The nobility keeps its young people "different" from the other courtiers by sending them to their wild cousins on the Hungry Plateau for initiation, say for at least three years. Likewise the old and frail will be sent to Two Towers City to bolster the mass of courtiers. Thus, Kostaddi Sultanate will have a total population of Sable folk
somewhere in the 60,000, Hungry Plateau included. Of course there will be traditionalist clans who despise their city-dewlling kin, and vice versa, similar to the Spanish and north-African Moors.

The statement that the Hungry Plateau sables moved there in the Dawn Age makes them mercenaries of the Theyalan First Council, participating in the Battle of Argentium Thri'ile (Dorastor p. 7: "Instrumental in the battle were the Praxian animal riders, whose leaders received grants of land in Peloria and began several dynasties of Pelorian animal-riders."), and maybe a second wave in the wake of Arkat's human allies who scoured Peloria while the hero and his troll allies scorched Aggar, Talastar and Dorastor (Vorwaha Bisonlord, Dorastor p.13). This would make most "native" Pelorian nobility Praxian in descent, I'd suppose - Duke Raus has just gone back to the roots. Any takers?

Lately I have also reread the information on the horse nomads of Pent, who can be found elsewhere, too - the Char-un are an undisputed case, the Second Age Golden Horse tribe in Prax, too, but their descendants are a bit dubious - I believe that we find them in three places: In Prax the Zebra riders stem from this tribe (see Pavis Box for their history); in Beast Valley the Centaurs seem to be Delecti's transmutation of parts of this tribe, made a real race by divine intervention through Ironhoof, and a gift from the dragons; and the Grazelander tribes tell a tale how they descend from the pain centaurs, remade into their former forms (They might as well be Traditionalist Pentian horse riders who moved in and shrewdly made up this story to be allowed to go where no humans were allowed to go).

Any evidence against these speculations?

-- Joerg Baumgartner

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