Moon and Shadow

From: Geoff Gunner (
Date: Mon 22 Nov 1993 - 21:32:43 EET

Who says that the light of the moon has to be visible to the Lunar magician ? Do they loose their Rune Magic when indoors ? Under a tree ? Or even wearing a big, floppy cape ? (' Arrg, it's a Naked Lunar Priest, Run away before he casts a spell !').

Wyrms - I'd have put them at a stage PAST dragonewts; perhaps those dragonewts who have left the Wheel but still have some earthly ties to work off ? Sort of a 'practice dragon' stage.

About RQ material - is there any copyright law on collecting stuff to be published electronically ? My thought were - nominate a few people / sites to collect info on certain regions, to edit the stuff to minimum waffle. Submit to peer review, add to general archive. I know - sounds too centralised and orderly. But think of all the RQ material published out there, that are lost / buried for ever. Ideas ?


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