Gloranthan names; temples

From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 21 Jan 1994 - 20:16:17 EET

Joerg Baumgardner wrote:
>Now the name Hyaloring seems to suggest Pentan or Dara Happan ancestry

I've never been able to make any sense of the names Greg's come up with -- and I've tried. In King of Sartar and beyond, he's at least making some attempt, but it still seems to be whatever sounds cool to Greg.

>From: (Philip Rhinelander)
>Do they really need to hop the
>pond back to Genertela just to refresh thier Rune magic?

Yes, that's what the rules say. If they can't get to a temple, they can't renew. (Some "God Learner Equivalency" temples may work -- you could go to a Dendara temple to renew Ernalda spells -- but these are likely to be rare when you're real far from home.)

>More basic to
>this question (I think) is the question of proselytism; what does the
>Compromise say about the ability of the Lightbringer pantheon to win new

This is what I see as a problem with the RQ3 temple size rules. It's very hard to go elsewhere and be a missionary. Maybe that's true for Glorantha.

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