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Date: Tue 25 Jan 1994 - 17:37:50 EET

Someone who doesn't sign his/her messages writes about similarities between Hsunchen and Praxians:

R>The Hsunchen worship the Hunter as main source of meat.
>Praxians worship Waha for slain herd beasts, Hunter for slain game.

  You are defining "worshipping a source of food" as a sign of Hsunchen ancestry? So worshipping Ernalda or the Barley Mother is also a sign of beast-man ways?

R>The Hsunchen propitiate or venere predominant local forces of nature.

>The Praxians propitiate Storm Bull, Gagarth, and they worship Storm Bull,
>Zola Fel...

  Everyone except the Brithini and their ilk worships local nature forces.

R>The Hsunchen worship a plethora of local spirits, summoned by the shamans

>at holy places.
>The Praxians worship a plethora of local spirits, summoned by the shamans
>at the oasis altars in Prax. (e.g. Frog Woman)

  Every primitive culture does this. Are all primitives Hsunchen?

R>Both practice ancestor worship to some extent.

  So do the Kralori, the Orlanthi, the fact, most cultures. Are trolls Hsunchen?

R>Both consider outsiders as less than human.

  No, they don't.

R>Telmori consider their wolves as full members of their tribe. Praxians
>don't do so, since Waha's covenant made the herd beasts unintelligent.

  "They're different, so that proves they're the same!"

R>Praxians were active participants in the Gods War.

>OK, we lack reports about the Hsunchen activities then. Given the
>Basmoli Empire in Dawn Age Tanisor, they did, too.

  *Everyone* was an active participant in the Gods War. Haven't you been intiated into the I Fought We Won mystery?

R>The Praxians have a solid holy place in the Paps. (They inherited it from

>the Golden Age people).
>The Basmoli erected Hrelar Amali. (They developed this themselves, or had
>Godtime experience with this. They built it themselves.)

  Everyone including the baboons had a big city during the God Time.

R>The Praxians worshipped a whole pantheon in Godtime. These gods are dead

>According to GL taxonomy, there exists a whole pantheon of beast ancestors
>who died during Godtime. Plus the Hsunchen acknowledge the local earth
>powers (proto-Grain goddesses, like Balazar Vyrope, or the goddess' aspects
>in tRathorell;a, Ramalia, etc.

  Everyone acknowledges local earth powers except deliberate atheists like the Brithini. So?

R>Now where except in the covenant introduced because of the special power

>depletion in the Praxian chapparal do you see the great difference? Master
>Hunters and Khans are not that different.

  All Rune Lords would have similarities. So?

>...And in the
>Pavis Common Knowledge booklet there is this picture in the wastes, where
>lots of beasts (including the zebra, a beast only quite recently adopted into
>the covenant) paid homage to Genert, a very conscious and intelligent act.

  Zebras existed in Prax in Genert's time. They were small and useless to men, but they existed. The founder of the Zebra tribe used heroquesting to create larger rideable zebras.

R>I really have problems with the reasons why Eiritha would not allow horses

>in Prax. She did so all the time between the Battles of Necklace Horse and
>Alavan Argay, and ever since Derek Pol Joni retrieved the Black Net, the
>horses are back in Prax, and thrive.

  Accepted, or was unable to expel?

R>Is this all beast rider propaganda? The story about Joraz Kyrem's creation
>of the War Zebras mentions psychological reasons only.

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