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Date: Mon 31 Jan 1994 - 04:27:49 EET

Jonathan Eyre asks:

>LANDS of DAWN/DUSK...Where can I find info about these parts of

Hardly anywhere. Luathela is the land of Dusk, and Vithela is the land of Dawn. The inhabitants of Luathela are the purple-skinned Luathelans who are known to be violent and dangerous, plus they are all fairly recent descendents of the Gods. One shipful of them managed to destroy the whole Seshnela peninsula. Vithela is a mysterious place where Kralori go when they die, if they're lucky.

>Are they one >of the places where the Hero Plane touches the real

Vithela, definitely, since you can sail by it and see it and still known you're in the real world. Luathela maybe a bit less obviously, since you actually have to sail for some distance, and maybe use a magical boat to reach it.

Robert MacArthur sez:

> Now, looking at the nomad gods counters the Founder is 10-11-10-*
>(or something close since I am at "work" :-) Recalling Cults of
>Prax Waha writeup we have the Summon Founder spell summon a spirit
>with power 40-110, and strength+size = 10* the summoners.

I strongly recommend against reading too much into the Cults of Prax writeup re: Nomad Gods. The two groups of stats described weren't ever meant to be used together -- Summon Founder was supposed to get a spirit that would be impressive to RQ players, and the Nomad Gods Founder was intended to provide a counter useful to the boardgame.

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