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Date: Tue 15 Feb 1994 - 06:01:47 EET

Mike Dawson (not Kirsten Niemann) here.

My goodness, I really didn't expect this to be wo heavily commented on.

The spell is open to abuse, if the ref thinks of his cults as nothing more than a collection of rune spells, as well put by another contributor.

I think most people think very hard before they even talk to a BG. They are scarier than Humakti, even if you don't know what their rune magic does.

I believe that David Dunham said:
Given that Babeester Gor
is probably a cult that cuts you off from normal stuff like raising a family and possibly even sex,

The first part of this is true--BG initiation does set you apart from normal society. Those ritual scars and male genetalia on your belt make you less than popular at Gimpy's. BUT, I recall (don't recall the source, but it is a published one) that BG "had many lovers, becasue her acts were to terrible to do alone."

Just this past week in my game, I explained to the player of a BG that it is a "cult secret" that there are men who LIKE their women with ritual scarification and tattoos of skulls on their stomach....

As pointed out by the fellow who noticed that 2 points of Dispel Magic knocks down your MP investment in Axe Trance, there are better things, and more pressing things, to do with all the temple's stored MP than raise one warrior's Slash and Crit chances beyond the point of diminishing returns.

This debate has moved well beyond matters of balance into a discussion of the nature and interpretation of Glorantha. I think it belongs on the Daily Digest, not the RAG digest.

Mike Dawson

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