Sports in Glorantha

From: Marc Willner (
Date: Mon 04 Apr 1994 - 04:56:46 EEST

For those who can get it, the American cable sports channel, ESPN, has (or had, I haven't seen it for a while) a show called something like "Games of the World" where they do a survey of sports from different countries. Many are based on very old games. The ones I remember are:

Camel Wrestling from Turkey: Possibly done by Bison, Rhino, or Alticamelus riders from Prax.

Also from Turkey, a Team throw the javelin from horseback at other people game (padded javelins): Any animal nomad that uses missles, Pentians, Grazelanders.

Cumberland Wrestling from England: Various types of wrestling may be found all over Glorantha.

A game from England involving tapping a small wooden shape into the air, then jitting it for distance: The small villages of the Holy Country, or any other small village area.

A Rugby/football/soccer-like game played in one of the Italian cities between parishes, dating from the Rennaisance. The same type of game can be played between villages.

If I ever see the show again, I will take better notes.   


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