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Date: Sun 10 Apr 1994 - 16:43:39 EEST

Martin Crim in X-RQ-ID: 3559

> I said:

>>> As for Urox, I believe his emergence as a separate cult is a second >>> or third age development.

> Alex Ferguson says:
>> This is sustainable (perhaps) in Orlanthi lands, but not, one has to >> presume, in Prax and the Wastes.

> Except that there were NO cults in Prax until the Pure Horse people came
> there. Remember, the PHP were successful because they had true divine magic.
> Sure, Urox was a part of the mythology of Prax, but there was no cult, just
> shamanism.

Cutting a flaming first reaction, a question, Martin: How do you define a cult, when you say there weren't any in Prax?

Prax lay in one of the three directions the Theyalan missionaries went in the First Age. Apparently, by around 35 ST, they came with Humakti bodyguards (according to Cults of Prax, p.32). Surely they brought the concept of cultic worship with them, and they seem to have reached the Paps, where remnants of the Golden Age priesthood held out.

The Uz from Dagori Inkarth knew cultic worship at least from the Dawn on. Another possible 1st Age influx of these practises.

> There are lots of these mythological figures who have no real developed
> cult--look at all those figures in the Orlanth write-up in WF. There's a
> continuum from obscure figures through guys like Barntar through aspects like
> Orlanth Rex to semi-independent cults like Mastakos all the way to really
> separate cults. So I guess I agree with Alex.

Yes, all these mythological figures which DO receive worship via other cults are one of the reasons why I advocate initiation into a pantheon.

Right now I help myself with the one religion - many saints concept for the Aeolian church. I find it not too different from the Praxian "worship whichever attending spirit" praxis, although if conflicts like the magical ones in Nomad Gods occur regularly, the average Praxian nomad will have sacrificed at least one point of permanent POW to two dozen different spirits in his lifetime, not counting his or her tribal spirits and deities. --
-- Joerg Baumgartner

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