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Date: Sun 10 Apr 1994 - 20:51:51 EEST

Sandy says:
> What is a "true broo"? In any case, remember that broos can
>inseminate even MALE victims, so a female broo is not needed for this
>special use -- male/male broo sex would presumably also produce pure
>broo offspring.
> However, it is my opinion that broos rarely, if ever, engage
>in sex among one another, whether hetero- or homo-. In fact, I doubt
>very much whether broos appeal sexually to each other.

     Well, while we're down in the gutter, let me add my effluvia to the open sewer (anyone under 18 please seek parental permission before reading the following);)

     I'd like to know why Sandy thinks broos don't have sex with each other. One of the ways in which sex is used in the human species, as well as among other primates, is to express dominance. Dominance seems to be a fairly important thing in broo society [understatement of the week]. Thus, it seems to me that a broo society doesn't have so much a pecking order as ... you get the drift. Broo society is inhumanly brutal and broos worship a goddess of coercive sex, so I think that intraspecies rape would be fairly common.

      (Some guy at the RQ Con made some stupid comment like "We like rape," during the Orlanthi storytelling. I came up with a comeback several weeks late: "Somebody rape him already.")

     I think intrabroo sex counts against one of the arguments for the nonexistence of female broo, namely that giving birth would kill them. I think any broo impregnated by another broo would have a good chance of surviving giving birth, given the high CONs that broos have. And it seems to me that a female or hermaphrodite would have an excellent chance of success, since their wombs would be well adapted for and/or designed for such hard use. But, if you were a female broo, would you nurse one? I mean, the little rug rat has pointed teeth!

     On the other hand, to argue against myself for a minute, I've never run into a pregnant male broo. Maybe their chaotic fertility doesn't work against each other? Or they don't show? That'd be a tough thesis project for an aspiring Grey Lord...

Re: Pamaltelan stuff from John Hughes

     A slightly belated thanks for the impressive commentary and especially the guided imagery exercise, which gave me goosebumps. Here's a thought, and a way around the dilemma of there being few group heroquests: have one player take the part of the central character (not necessarily the most powerful) and the others take parts as companions/helpers/foes encountered in the dream/heroquest. I've had players object to this in the abstract as not giving the players of the supporting characters equal dignity with the player of the central character, but I hope that players now are more sophisticated and realize that the supporting characters have more freedom of action and, often, more interesting roles. Satan is the most interesting character in Paradise Lost, I'm told.

     In your GEI, John, what did the other players do? Did they get to be, frex, the hawk possible-totem? Or the sea? I can think of lots of cool possibilities, and with a facilitator, it shouldn't get mushy. (I can see how it could turn into something from one of those acting classes where the teacher has the students do all kinds of weird things, but let's hope not.)

David Dunham points out:
>In the Genertela Book, p. 65, the Otkorion are listed both as part of
>Safelster and the Orlanthi. Are they that numerous? Is the Orlanthi entry
>really the missing Surkorion?

     There are several inaccuracies in the Genertela Book tables, and I wouldn't read anything into them. Frex, the Redlands, Elder Wilds, Garsting, and Jarst humans are omitted from the Lunar Empire table, although allies and the Elder Wilds trolls are in the tables. Of course, the Redlands could be in the Pent section instead, but they're not there either. Tarsh is counted both
in Dragon Pass and the Lunar Empire, and Pralorela is counted both in Maniria and in Ralios. (Mike Dawson thinks the latter means 50,000 on the Manirian side and 50,000 on the Ralian. I find the identical numbers suspicious.) In Ralios, some of the table entries are for cities, others for countries (this may actually be intentional and express the distinction between citystates and nationstates, I guess). In the Wastelands, the populations for "Pavis and Environs" and "Independents" don't fit with other published data.

Re: MOB's "Teacher Tiggy"

     The most popular game in the U.S. schools these days seems to be bringing weapons to school. Friday, in the Washington suburbs, the son of a police officer shot a teacher in the chest for interrupting him while he tried to sell his father's service revolver. Why do most kids bring weapons to school? To protect themselves from all those kids with weapons.

Re: the multiple worlds hypothesis

     I guess this is a way to preserve one's belief in the existence of an Ultimate Truth. Rather like the medieval astronomers who believed that planets travelled in circles, and, when shown that they travelled in ellipses, invented epicycles to hang onto their belief that they travelled in circles.

     Eventually Occam's Razor triumphs, though.

Yours constructively,

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