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Date: Tue 12 Apr 1994 - 02:33:08 EEST

"Codex #1 was brilliant"---Ken Rolston, RQ developer of
multiple Avalon Hill projects

 "...I like it a lot. It really makes me miss my Pavis days (and I wish I'd had this mag when I was running RQ). The material on Prax and Pavis makes these locales come to life. Good job."---- Jonathan Tweet, game writer and designer

I'm quite impressed. You made beautiful use of the Babylonian pictures to illustrate historical Pavisites....I thoroughly enjoyed reading Codex 1....and the print is prime quality .... " ---Jeorg Baumgartner, publisher of the German RQ magazine Free INT

"I just got issue one in the mail. It's really superb and I thank
you for for your efforts in improving and disseminating Glorantha."--Brent Krupp

Codex dedicates its entire contents to discovering the nature and secrets of Glorantha through scenarios, articles, fiction and essays.

Issue 1 was a Pavis special, with about half of the issue examining facets of Pavic history, Lunar strategy in the city, details of life and infamous residents. Very well received at RQ Con, the US edition of #1 is currently sold out and becoming a collector's item.

Issue are 32 pages typeset, plus front & back covers inside & out. See details of UK subscription for possibilities of getting a copy of the first issue as printed in England.

Issue 2 is a western/Fronelan feature due out in April. It focuses on the city of Galastar and its rebirth after the lifting of the Ban. Also to be included is Greg Stafford's map of the God Plane, Paul Reilly's Tribes of Mortasor, and more.

Subscription & Submission Information============

Codex costs $4.00 US per issue direct from my hand, or $5.00 first class US Mail. Foreign customers, see below for delivery options and prices.
Checks or money orders only, please for all mail orders.  Make checks payable to M. Dawson

Foreign Codex Subscription Rates to the UK and Europe as of 2/14/94:

Airmail, generally a week or two delivery: $6.75 US funds per issue.

Surface mail, an unknown, mostly random delivery time varying between 4 weeks and 3 months to the UK or Europe.  $ 5.25 US funds per issue.

I hate to be stern about this, but I cannot guarantee that your subscription will EVER arrive via the surface mail method.

Sorry, only US funds acceptable.

(A Postal Money order is available from  most country's posts, and can be issued in US dollars. This works for me.)

Codex now has a UK distributor. Contact Colin Phillips at
for UK rates and information.
By mail:
Colin Phillips
98 Constable Court
4 Stubbs Drive
London SE 3EG
Residents of the UK: If you already have a subscription through the american address and want the UK rate,  the balance of your subscription can (and will be unless  you say otherwise)be transferred to Colin for future issues.

(You may choose NOT to do this, if
you are a total completist collector. There will be minor *cosmetic* differences between the US and UK editions.)

Codex has an Australian distributor, curren tly selling #1.
Contact Andrew Bean at ABEAN@GEEL.DWT.CSIRO.AU for details.

Americans, Canadians, please do NOT subscribe via Colin unless you must have every copy of every RQ thing that comes out. Send to Colin for only those things I am sold out of in the US.

The publication schedule is intended to be quarterly, but depends in large part on submissions. The next issue is scheduled for release in April 1994.

Outside the United Kingdom, and for any submission matters, send all paper correspond
ence to:

M. Dawson/Codex
PO. Box 9286
Richmond, VA 23227-0286

               USA Send E-mail correspondence to

When subscribing, please include the following:

Explicit list of what issues you want (in any cover letter, and

   on any check or Money Order)
US customers: ZIP + 4 if you know it (check your junk mail) email address if any
evening phone # if you don't mind (in case of confusion) your address, properly formatted for a delivery label

    (important for foreign subscribers)

DO NOT send submissions to Colin or Andrew. All production work takes place in the US.

Thanks for putting up with my clogging up the Digest. Mike Dawson

"I am impressed not only with the content, but also with the
production. Your magazine is clean, well edited, and of course, a necessity for all Glorantha lovers. I initially signed up for just two issues. After once glimpse, I want more. I'll be sending another check to you on payday. I intend to track down every RQ fan that I can find and force them to subscribe."---- Matt Thale

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