Strangers in Prax

Date: Tue 12 Apr 1994 - 09:58:13 EEST

Devin Cutler here:

Continuing on with Strangers in Prax.

While I like the supplement a lot, is there any chance that the writers of these supplements can:

  1. Stop letting RQ2 anachronisms slip into the supplements
  2. Ever get the spell casting percentages of NPC's right?

Frex, take the writeup of Count Julan on page 27:

POW 18, INT 17, DEX 20 This would seem to give a spirit magic spell casting percentage of Pow x5% = 90% plus magic bonus of 25% for a total of 115% - ENC.

However, the supplement lists Julan's casting % as 75% - ENC. This could make an extremely big deal in combat.

RQ3 has never been able to get spell casting % correct. Every supplement that I have read (and I have them all) botches these. Why? It's really not that difficult of a mechanic to understand?

Perhaps the above was a fluke? Nay. On page 29. Princess Anderida has POW 20, INT 16, DEX 15 for a total casting % of 129% - ENC. The supplement lists her % as 94%. Hey, only 35% off.

Her allied spirit Vectis has POW x5% as his casting chance, with no mids for Magic Bonus.

Maculus on page 30 has a POW of 16, INT of 18, DEX of 13 for a casting % of 96%. Supplement lists it as 75%.

#1 - Be consistent. Sometimes , even when figured correctly, Casting %
includes magic bonusses, sometimes not. Which is it?

#2 - It can't be that hard to edit the NPC stuff to weed out RQ2isms and
botches like the above. Hell, I'll volunteer to do it at no charge!

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